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August 2019
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  • Windows 10 semi-annual update cycle explained
  • Credit Monitoring vs Identity Theft Protection
  • Canceling your TV service
  • Windows 7 to be retired January 2020
  • ICYMI - In Case You Missed It : Previous articles you may have missed from previous newsletters
  • What you may have missed in our news feed
  • Tell a friend about us - get a $25 service credit
  • Never worry about updates again with our Computer Maintenance Plan
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Windows 10 semi-annual update cycle explained
Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system for personal computers has been said to be the "last version of Windows". First released in July 2015, Windows 10 has been updated on roughly a semi-annual basis with "feature updates" - changes or improvements to the functionality or user interface of the operating system.

The latest version of Windows 10 - Version 1903 - has been slowly pushed out to computers over the past few months. Version 1903 was initially planned to be released in March 2019, but suffered some reliability problems and was delayed to May 2019.

Versions of Windows 10 have been identified by a 4-digit year and month of initial planned release - i.e. 1809, 1803, and so on going backwards to the original version of 1507. However due to frequent release delays, a new versioning system is expected to take effect with the next version of Windows 10 this fall. Subsequent versions are expected to be identified by the 4-digit year and half-year of planned release - i.e. 19H2, 20H1, and so on going forward.

For more information about the history of Windows 10, including changes that were made in the eight versions to-date, continue reading...
Credit Monitoring vs Identity Theft Protection
Considering all the data breaches lately, you should be monitoring and protecting your accounts and personal information – but what is the best method for you? Should you use a credit monitoring service or subscribe to identity theft protection instead? What’s the difference between the two methods? Read more...
Canceling your TV service
We frequently are asked about canceling TV service and switching to streaming - aka TV via the internet. Consumer Reports recently published some helpful and informative articles about canceling your TV service. Some of those articles include:
Windows 7 to be retired January 2020
If you purchased a PC between 2009-2012 it most likely came with Windows 7. The operating system was released nearly 10 years ago and has since been replaced with Windows 10. Microsoft has decided to retire support for Windows 7 effective January 2020, thereby no longer releasing important security and reliability patches. Read more...
ICYMI - In Case You Missed It: Popular articles you may have missed from previous newsletters
What you may have missed on our news feed

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Tell a friend about us - get a $25 service credit
If you’re happy with our service, please let others know by recommending us to your friends and family, and/or by writing a review about our service. If you personally recommend us to a friend or relative and we help them, you get $25 off your next service call.

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Never worry about updates again with our Computer Maintenance Plan
Many of our clients don't have to worry about the seemingly constant barrage of updates, security patches and computer hackers - thanks to the peace-of-mind that our Computer Maintenance Plan provides.

With websites getting hacked on a daily basis, and the increasing chance of your personal information being compromised, it’s more important than ever to keep your computer up-to-date and maintained.

Now you can have Computer Techs maintain, update and check the security on your computer on a convenient schedule. Service takes about an hour and can be performed via a Remote Support session or on-site. Services include: