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July 2020
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  • This month's most common scams
  • Watch the world from home
  • How to send a message from your phone correctly
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  • How you can support your local computer technician
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This month's most common scams that you need to be aware of - take the quiz
Scammers are becoming increasingly clever at deceiving people into clicking links, using the phone and handing over control of their computer to a stranger claiming to be from a well-known company. Here are some of the most common scams we've encountered recently:

  • An email or phone call from Amazon, Netflix or other well-known company notifies you that you just made a large purchase or there's a problem with your account. You're told to click a link or talk to a fraud representative to confirm the purchase or account information. WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Ignore the email or call but log into your account normally (not via a link in the email) and check for any unrecognized activity. But most likely it's fake nothing has been charged as indicated in the phony communication.
  • How to recognize emails that phish for your personal information
  • Can you spot a scam or phishing email? Take the quiz...

Watch the world from home
To help pass the time while sheltering or quarantining at home, check out these websites to view live video of webcams featuring scenery and nature.

How to send a message from your phone correctly
This may happen to you: A few times each month I get an email delivered to my junk/spam folder from an address such as If I happen to recognize the 10-digit phone number before the "@" symbol I can recognize who it's from, and respond accordingly. But often times it goes unnoticed or unopened.

When sending messages from a smartphone you typically have 2 options - a "Messages" app and an "Email" app.
ICYMI - In Case You Missed It: Popular articles you may have missed from previous newsletters and our Facebook feed
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How you can support your local computer technician
With recent campaigns urging people to support local businesses, I'd like to remind you that Computer Techs is a local business - serving the Reno area since 2003. Not only do  we appreciate your support, we also appreciate your referrals  by letting others know how we've helped you. You can also purchase an eGift Card in $25 increments valid toward payment of our services. Please refer to the links below for more information.

Thank you!

Mark Cobb
Owner/Technician/IT Consultant