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November 2020
This Month: 

  • Help with more than computer repair
  • Holiday computer buying advice - why your next computer needs to have an SSD
  • Scammers are targeting seniors - take the quiz
  • ICYMI (In Case You Missed It) : Previous articles and news you may have missed
  • Get regular computing device maintenance and priority support
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Help with more than computer repair
Did you know that Computer Techs can help with more than computers? Check out some of our services that you may have not known about:
  • New computer or mobile device (smartphone/tablet) buying advice
  • New computer or mobile device set-up & transfer settings and apps from an old device
  • Help with recovery of forgotten passwords or hacked accounts
  • Printer troubleshooting or setup
  • TV streaming media device setup
  • Smart speaker / voice assistant device setup
  • Wireless camera and security device setup
  • Software installation
  • Microsoft Office help
  • Email setup/customization
  • Wireless router & Internet set-up
  • Wi-Fi optimization and troubleshooting
  • Computer data back-up solutions
  • Diagnose misc. software or hardware problems
  • Telecom bill audit/review to help you save money on your phone/internet/TV services
  • & much more

Holiday computer buying advice - why your next computer needs to have an SSD
Since you'll likely be spending the next 5-10 years or more with your next computer, please take a few minutes now to make an informed decision about what to look for in a new computer and accessories - and get the best deal. 

Scammers are targeting seniors. Take the quiz to discover this month's most common scams that you need to know about
Scammers are becoming increasingly clever. Every month we hear from clients who have been scammed by letting someone take control of their computer and coerce them into paying for support for non-existent computer or account-related problems. With a little bit of knowledge of how these scams work, you won't become a victim yourself.

Read on about some of the most common scams we've encountered recently:

  • A pop-up, email or phone call from a well-known company such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Windows/Microsoft or Netflix notifies you that you just made a large purchase or there's a problem with your device or account. You're told to call, click a link or talk to a fraud representative to confirm the purchase or account information.

  • WHAT YOU SHOULD DO: Ignore the pop-up, email or call. Log into your account normally (not via a link in an unsolicited email) and check for any unrecognized activity. Most likely there is no problem at all. If you receive an unexpected phone call, don't answer - or hang up. Unfortunately you can't trust unknown or unsolicited callers to be who they say they are.
  • If you're still in doubt, S L O W down. Scammers want you to act quickly without letting you think things through. Call the company using the phone number listed on their official website or printed on a card you have from the company. Alternatively, call a trusted tech-savvy friend, family member or computer technician.
ICYMI - In Case You Missed It: Popular articles you may have missed from previous newsletters and our Facebook feed
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Get regular computing device maintenance and priority support
It's time to be proactive about maintaining your computing devices - rather than calling after problems get out-of-control. With reports of websites and databases getting hacked occurring on a daily basis, and the increasing chance of your personal information being compromised, it’s more important than ever to keep your computing devices secure, up-to-date and maintained.

Thanks to the peace-of-mind that our Computer Maintenance Plan provides, lots of our clients don't have to worry about the seemingly constant barrage of updates, security patches and computer hackers. They also get priority callbacks and messaging replies.

With our Computer Maintenance Plan we will maintain, update and check the security on your computer - and other devices (when performed on-site) - on a convenient regularly scheduled basis.

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