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July 2018
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  • Windows Update glitch affects over half of computers with Windows 7 - you may be missing critical updates
  • Don't let your printer ink dry out
  • Malvertising: Advertisements gone bad
  • Computer Humor
  • Tell a friend, get $20 service credit
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Windows Update glitch affects over half of computers with Windows 7 - you may be missing critical updates
Windows updates are typically released on the 2nd Tuesday of every month. They are important/critical because they include operating system patches that maintain the security of your computer. Usually they are downloaded and installed automatically - but we've noticed a potentially dangerous trend this year on computers with Windows 7.

Since January 2018, the Windows Update component has been broken on approximately 2/3 of the Windows 7 computers that we've checked. Fortunately computers that are serviced by our quarterly Computer Maintenance Plan were quickly fixed and began receiving updates again. If your computer(s) are not being checked on a regular basis - or at all this year - we highly recommend that Windows Update is checked to make sure your computer is receiving critical security updates.

If you'd like to schedule an in-home or remote computer check-up, please contact us . For more information about our Computer Maintenance Plan click here.
Don't let your printer ink dry out
Most inexpensive home printers use ink that is sprayed on paper during the printing process to form text or graphics. In Nevada's dry climate, it's not unusual for ink in the printing components to dry up and clog the print heads - sometimes rendering the printer useless.

It's best to print something a few times per month to keep the ink from drying out. Here's a test page that you can print that will make sure all colors of your ink jet printer are used.

If you're replacing your printer, see the following buying advice: Inkjet vs. laser
Malvertising: Advertisements gone bad
Most of our clients have experienced the following scenario: You're on a website reading an article when suddenly you get a pop-up or redirected to an official-looking website that says your computer is locked due to a virus, and you must call a toll-free number to unlock it. Other fake websites present an urgent warning to install a browser or Flash Player update, or that you've won something.

How did it come up in the first place? Most often Malvertising, or malicious advertising, was on the initial website where you were reading the article.
What should you do? Nothing - do not follow the advice of the fake website. 99% of the time things that pop-up in your browser that you didn't ask for are in their best interest - not yours. In many cases if you can't close your browser to get rid of the malvertisement, you'll need to restart your computer or device. Malvertising happens on smartphones and tablets too.

To read more about Malvertising and how you can reduce your chances of it affecting your computer, click here .
Computer Humor
Tell a friend about us - get a $20 service credit
If you’re happy with our service, please let others know by recommending us to your friends and family, and/or by writing a review about our service. If you personally recommend us to a friend or relative and we help them, you get $20 off your next service call.

Why trust someone who “knows” computers and works on them in their spare time? Why trust someone who you called from a pop-up ad on your computer? You shouldn’t! Computer Techs is a local business that works with computers and related devices on a daily basis and has been doing so since 2003. When you need help with your computing devices, you can trust Computer Techs to be there when you need us, and stand behind our service.

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