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September 2018
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  • You will likely see a fake warning message on your computer - here's what to do.
  • What would you lose if your computer or smartphone crashed tomorrow?
  • Why you probably don't need to pay for anti-virus
  • Computer Humor
  • Tell a friend, get $20 service credit
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You will likely see a fake warning message on your computer - here's what to do.
Screenshots similar to the one above all have one thing in common. They are all trying to convince you that there are problems with your computer or device, and that you need to call a toll-free number in order to fix the problems. However, if you call the number you will be connected to a scammer who will use scare tactics to access your computer and attempt to convince you that there are serious problems with your computer, and that paying several hundred dollars for a “fix” is your only recourse. Remote support scams have tricked millions of people into paying an average of a few hundred dollars each for non-existent problems.

What would you lose if your computer or smartphone crashed tomorrow?
Accidents and disasters happen. Hard drives fail. Portable devices get lost or stolen. New viruses encrypt data then charge ransom to unlock it. Fortunately data backup is not expensive anymore, so there’s no excuse for your data not being backed up. If you don’t know how to backup, we can set up a solution based on your needs.

A backup means that your important documents, pictures, music, emails, contacts, etc. exist in more than one location, in the event that the primary data is lost.

Computers should be backed up to an external hard drive, or a “Cloud” synchronization service such as  Google Backup and Sync Microsoft OneDrive , or  Carbonite . Smartphones and tablets should be backed up to services provided by the maker of the phone’s operating system such as Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Android backup & sync settings.

If you’re not sure how to backup your computer and devices, please  c ontact us  to setup an appointment so that we can help you start your backup routine today.
Why you probably don't need to pay for anti-virus
Anti-virus programs help detect and block only a fraction of the millions of viruses and malware in the wild that are increasing on a daily basis. Since no anti-virus blocks 100% of all viruses we feel that most home computer users don’t need to pay for anti-virus and can just rely upon free offerings by some anti-virus vendors, Microsoft or internet security offered by your internet service provider. However, your best defense against getting infected is practicing safe computing habits .

Our favorite free anti-virus for easy-of-use and detection rate is AVG AntiVirus. Other options include Bitdefender, Microsoft Security Essentials (for Windows 7) and Microsoft’s Windows Defender which is included with Windows. The Microsoft programs typically have a lower detection rate than the alternatives, but are less obtrusive and problematic.

Your internet service provider also offers security suites included as part of your monthly payment for internet service. Continue reading.. .
Computer Humor
Tell a friend about us - get a $20 service credit
If you’re happy with our service, please let others know by recommending us to your friends and family, and/or by writing a review about our service. If you personally recommend us to a friend or relative and we help them, you get $20 off your next service call.

Why trust someone who “knows” computers and works on them in their spare time? Why trust someone who you called from a pop-up ad on your computer? You shouldn’t! Computer Techs is a local business that works with computers and related devices on a daily basis and has been doing so since 2003. When you need help with your computing devices, you can trust Computer Techs to be there when you need us, and stand behind our service.

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