I ssue No. 6 
WINTER 2017 Newletter

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SRG selected in a national 
competition as 
 "One of the Best Places to Work For"
The Zweig Group conducts an annual competition in the Architectural and Engineering industry that involves interviews with both management and staff. Information is solicited from all staff regarding topics such as  work environment, benefits , management philosophies, company events, culture, leadership, training, continuing education, etc. The data is scored and the results are weighted heavily on the staff responses and then the firms are then ranked nationally in relationship to other companies in that discipline (in our case Structural Engineering firms). SRG is proud to have been ranked 6th in the nation in the 2016-2017 competition!  GREAT JOB SRG!
SRG Wins Outstanding Concrete Repair Project of the Year...

The 12th annual ICRI  Baltimore Washington Chapter's  Annual for Outstanding Repair Project was awarded to SRG for the Templeton of Alexandria-Waterproofing Rehabilitation and Post Tension Repairs.  Awarded FIRST PLACE, the project was judged by a panel of engineers and consultants from around the country and was scored based on four technical categories. 
SRG is proud to have won numerous ICRI awards over the years and this one will join the others over the mantle (all we need now is a mantle)!
SRG's Resident  Ph.D. 
P resents at The American 
Concrete Institute (ACI) Convention in Philadelphia, Pa. 

Kaveh presented "Effectiveness of Ground Glass Fiber as a Cementitious Material in Mitigation of Alkali-Silica Reaction of Concrete Containing Recycled Glass Aggregates.
Lunch & Learn Seminars
SRG is available for "Lunch and Learn Presentations/Seminars."  Topics include structural and foundation underpinning, facade  rehabilitation, water problems, waterproofing, window replacement, balcony and plaza rehabilitation, undertaking major projects and tips on how to identify various building conditions BEFORE they turn into significant problems! Email us at SRG  to for more information.
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SMOKE and COOKING ODOR complaints??...
If your residents are frustrated about odors from other units, SRG can help! AIR Leakage between units is the cause of most transient odor complaints. We can help identify the source(s) and provide a means to reduce the odor frequency or in some cases stop the madness entirely!

Air Leaks also 
Waste Energy in Winter
One third of the energy you pay for probably leaks through holes in your house or condo.

for more info go to greenbuildingadvisor.com

...and  One More Thing,
No matter how much snow we get, do not try this at home...
For clients with 
parking garages:
Please make certain to perform the following each fall and spring:

1. Inspect and flush all floor and trench drains.
2. Inspect and repair all unsealed cracks by routing and sealing them.
3. Mark and date any wall or ceiling stains and monitor for change over time.
4. Power-wash the surfaces of the parking deck and columns to remove debris and salts.
5. Restore any worn striping and markings.

For garages with Membrane coatings:
If your garage has a membrane coating applied to the deck, extra care should be taken each season to prevent damage from snow and ice removal activities. 

SRG also recommends implementing the following precautions during the winter to help protect your investment...Read More