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“It’s not how much we give, but how much love we put into giving.”
— Mother Theresa

Happy Holidays from all of us at Prevention First! No matter how different this season may look, we want to wish you a happy and healthy end to the year.
National Impaired Driving Month

December is Impaired Driving Prevention Month, reminding us to continue to communicate with communities about the dangers of impaired driving. U.S. Department of Transportation provides marketing tools through their office of Traffic Safety Marketing. Visit their website to gather social marking marketing materials to use by your organization and in partnership with community stakeholders. Learn more about drunk and drugged driving on NHTSA’s website.
'Talk. They Hear You.' Campaign Resources

There is a common misconception that vaping is completely harmless. The truth is a little more clouded for our youth.
In fact, the CDC reported in 2020 that 1 in 5 high school students had used electronic cigarettes in the past 30 days. Furthermore, 85 percent of high school students who used tobacco products in the past 30 days used flavored tobacco, an important distinction as the CDC points out flavorings may make tobacco use more appealing to youth.

Visit the SAMHSA website for more information and resources.
National Drug & Alcohol Facts Week 2021

Registration is now open for NDAFW, taking place March 22-28, 2021. While this school year has brought significant challenges, NDAFW is highly flexible, and groups can register virtual events, in-person events, or both! NIDA will offer activity and event suggestions to assist with your planning. Registration takes only a few minutes.
If your group is looking for activity ideas for youth, consider using NIDA’s Kahoot! games on substance use and brain development. Also, NIDA’s Drugs & Health Blog and associated Teacher’s Guide provide great content ideas and potential activities and discussion questions that can be used for NDAFW events.   

Fake ID’s and Youth Access to Alcohol

Data shows that youth access alcoholic products mainly from a social source that includes parties or friends. However, how does the friend or the party host acquire the alcohol? Fake ID’s are one avenue youth take to purchase alcohol. Join us on Monday, January 11th at 10:00 am for a webinar on The Truth About Underage Drinking and Fake IDs. Our presenters, Jermaine Galloway and Mark Baxter, are nationally recognized experts in Substance Use Prevention, Law Enforcement, and Fake IDs.

The APRC can assist you in analyzing your IYS data, selecting strategies, and building capacity on alcohol policy. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Kellie Henrichs or Jody Heavilin.
Alcohol Policy Resource Center Clearinghouse

The Alcohol Policy Resource Center is excited to offer some of our resources in a new Clearinghouse!

Requests can be made by downloading the Clearinghouse Form and emailing it to Jody Heavilin. The resources will then be mailed to you.
Technical Assistance from Prevention First

The technical assistance offered at Prevention First expands professional development beyond training to assist substance use prevention providers in applying what they have learned in their communities. Timely, flexible and provider-tailored technical assistance is available to meet the individual needs of providers.

For more information about technical assistance or other services we offer, click email Provider Services.
Training Events
LGBT & Addiction for Providers*

ASAM Criteria Implementation Leader*

Intro to Cultural Humility*

Recovery Empowered Language*

ASAM Criteria: Skill Building*

ISP Plans Using ASAM Criteria &
Motivational Interviewing*

The Truth About Underage
Drinking and Fake ID's

IISUP III: A Framework for Prevention**

*SUPR Treatment & Recovery Funded Programs Only.

**SUPP Prevention Providers Only.

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Webinar Wednesdays

Community Capacity:
Building the Foundation for Success
December 16 , 1 - 2:30 pm EDT
Trainer: Kym Laube

Community capacity by definition is the interaction of human capital, organizational resources and social capital existing within a given community that can be leveraged to solve collective problems to improve or maintain the well-being of a given community. It’s not just about getting people in the room, it’s about utilizing their natural skillsets in order to move the work of the coalition forward and, in turn, giving them a sense of purpose. Join Kym Laube and move from a group focus to a team approach, creating meaningful ways for members to contribute to and improve community outcomes.  
Online Training Events

Online training events offered at Prevention First are self-paced allowing participants to complete the material at their own pace.

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Prevention First creates and collects helpful resources for substance use prevention and related issues. Resources include printable documents, video links, full toolkits and curriculums, and links.

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