'Tis The Season of Annual Budgets
As the end of the year quickly approaches, so does the time for preparing for the New Year by planning your annual budget.  Here are a few tips to help you with proper planning:

At the beginning of the fiscal year, you should take a thorough look at all the projects that are anticipated to be completed before the year's end and prioritize the most important ones to be completed and paid for first. In doing this, you can better manage assessment fees and project funds.
It is not uncommon for expenses to increase over time. Such expenses that typically increase year over year include utilities, accounting, and legal services. To ensure that your budget is as accurate as possible, it is particularly important to take these increased costs into consideration.
Vendors are an absolute necessity to communities & properties. From landscaping to maintenance of common areas and buildings, you rely heavily on the services of your vendors. To keep costs low, you should review your vendor contracts and determine if there are any opportunities to reduce costs.
Properties should have a separate fund aside from reserves to cover insurance deductibles for the insured property. To ensure that the appropriate amounts are set aside for this fund, it is necessary to review all of the insurance policies and calculate the total amount needed to cover all of the policy deductibles.

Each year, the property should set aside a certain percentage of funds in a reserve fund to be used for the repair, maintenance, or replacement of the components of the property for which the property has an obligation to maintain. Examples of such components can include roofing of community buildings, roadways, parking lots, and community pools.

Dumpster &
Utility Enclosures

Fence & Deck Connection offers solutions for enclosing all types of building maintenance and service areas. Most commercial properties necessitate the use of enclosures for utility units or waste receptacles. Maximize aesthetics and minimize cost and maintenance with a custom enclosure in cedar or premium treated pine, vinyl, composite, or simulated stone.  Call today:  410-757-5511.

Commercial &
Security Fencing

Professionally installed fencing adds to the privacy and security of your business or facility, and today's commercial fences deliver a stylish blend of functionality and aesthetics. An industry leader and innovator, Fence & Deck Connection tailors fence and gate options to meet your company's budget, property, and safety requirements. 
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Commercial  Decks, Ramps, Walkways & Structures

Architects, landscape architects and contractors choose Fence & Deck Connection for their wide selection of decking materials from wood to composites to cellular pvc. Our versatility in job design, function and construction make Fence & Deck Connection a top choice for your commercial decking needs. Other structures such as pavilions, gazebos and pergolas are an excellent choice for community spaces, apartment complexes and condos, malls or any area where shade may be needed or required. These structures can be constructed from pressure treated stabilized wood, composites or vinyl material.  All have different levels of environmental preference and minimal maintenance requirements. Call today: 410-757-5511.

Commercial  Railing & Balconies

As a leading commercial railing installer in the Mid-Atlantic area for both new construction and renovation projects - we are constantly working with contractors and large companies to ensure that every job we do meets and exceeds strength and resistance requirements conforming to stringent building codes. We collaborate directly with clients to ensure all specification and code requirements are met, and that the finished project will have aesthetic appeal.
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