Each week of Lent, I get new insights into the life of Jesus. It amazes me that we can read and hear messages about the same Scriptures, and yet we can find something we've never noticed before. I hope you're enjoying this series as much as I am.

We have some very special Sundays coming up! The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles will be with us to share their gift of music this Sunday as we celebrate International Trans Day of Visibility. Our Trans*Unity ministry will be heavily involved in this service, too! The next Sunday is Palm Sunday! On that day, we'll have palms to share as we celebrate Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. Then, the next Sunday is Easter! 

As you know, Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week. This year, our Spanish-speaking ministry will bring back their annual Passion Play (Pasion del Cristo) at 1:30 p.m. on Palm Sunday. Be prepared -there's a twist this year: it will be a very modern version! Don't miss it! On Thursday, we'll have an online Maundy Thursday service and on Friday, we'll have an online Good Friday service, both at 7:00 p.m. They will be both meditative and interactive. I hope you'll join us for all of these services as they lead up to Easter Sunday, when we'll celebrate the Resurrection once again.

This Sunday, we continue our Lenten sermon series, Vulnerable Together, with a message entitled, To See And Be Seen. In this message, we'll examine Jesus healing a blind man. If you'd like to read ahead, check out John 9:1-11, 35-41 (Message). I look forward to "seeing" you Sunday!

Pastor Keith
Metropolitan Community Churches

On Sunday, two MCC Saints joined the great cloud of witnesses. They are released from their bodies, but not forgotten.
Rev. Dr. Sandra Robinson
September 15, 1948 - March 19, 2023

Rev. Dr. Sandra Robinson (she/her) of Denton, Texas. Sandy was an early trailblazer and leader in Metropolitan Community Churches.  She died of COVID at age 74, and is survived by her wife of 27 years, Janai Buentello. 

In the 1990’s, Sandy was ordained clergy in MCC, and served MCC in the Department of People of Color/White People Healing Racism.  She then became the head of MCC’s Department of Ecumenical Witness and Ministry, focusing on MCC’s relationship with the World Council and the US National Council of Churches, while earning her M.Div at Chicago Theological Seminary. 

Later, she became the Dean and then the President of Samaritan College. She was a mentor to many MCC clergy in formation, and supported MCC’s efforts to educate clergy for the demands of MCC ministry worldwide. 

After leaving fulltime ministry in MCC, Sandy earned a Ph.D. in Rhetoric at Texas Women’s University, in Denton Texas. For decades, she taught Women’s Studies,  Logic and Writing at TWU and at the University of Phoenix. 

Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson remembers meeting Sandy "in the late 1980’s during a tumultuous time of activism and growth in MCC. Sandy was a brilliant thinker, preacher, and visionary and strategist. She was devoted to integrating her identity as a Black, lesbian, progressive person of faith. She was someone who was full of questions, and eager to challenge assumptions. She represented MCC to ecumenical, interfaith and LGBT organizations with authenticity and excellence. 
Sandy had a wonderful, quiet sense of humor, and was kind and supportive to anyone seeking a place to be in service to MCC. I was grateful for her friendship, her influence on me, and for her integrity and service to MCC in critical and challenging times."

Friends and Colleagues reflected on Sandy saying:
  • "Sandy became a mentor to me starting in 1991 when I was hired to fill the ecumenical position that she had just left. I remember how thrilled she was to speak at the American Academy of Religion annual meeting. Formerly an insurance claims adjustor, she taught me the word “execu-dyke” — and she embodied it! Sandy had a huge impact on me as my predecessor in MCC ecumenical efforts. We had many adventures together" - Rev. Kittredge Cherry (read the entirety ofread the entirety of Rev. Kittredge's beautiful reflection here.)

  • "Rev. Sandy is why I'm ordained today. At a conference in Dallas, TX, she pulled me aside to talk to me. She told me that I needed to do what I was supposed to do. When I asked what, she said become ordained in MCC. Naturally, I pushed back on this. She said I needed to do this as a Person of Color. Needless to say, I started and was ordained in 1999, one of the last graduates of Samaritan College." - Rev. Wanda Floyd

There will be no service for Rev. Sandy. Our prayers are with her wife Janai. As Rev. Kitt wrote, "Rest in power, Sandy! Shine forever in God’s rainbow light!"
Rev. Jennifer Hall
June 21, 1967 - March 19, 2023

It is with deep sorrow and heartbreak that we announce the death of Rev. Jennifer Hall (they/them). Our hearts are broken and in grieving. We extend our love and condolences to their wife, Cyndi Wiley. We surround with love, care, and comfort Jennifer’s CPE cohort members and colleagues. Jennifer died by suicide on Sunday, March 19th.

Jennifer, known to others by Jenn, and still others by JC, served the communities they were engaged in with love, commitment, and passion. Jennifer graduated in 2007 from Eden Seminary and was ordained at MCC of Greater St. Louis, USA with Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown by Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell. Living in Des Moines, Iowa, they lived with their wife, serving most recently as an ACPE supervisor and Chaplain educator. Jennifer had a long career in chaplaincy and academia, living and breathing MCC values in many spaces as a lone voice. This was emphasized in 2014 as they were featured in the Greater Des Moines Diversity Magazine INclusion. The article entitled “Searching for Hope: Jennifer Hall’s Life Altering Faith Journey”’ They served on the 2022 General Conference Core Team challenging the team to think more about chaplaincy, access, and justice particularly those with disabilities and those economically disenfranchised. 

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston reflects, "I worked with Rev. Jenn Hall on the General Conference 2022 Planning Team. They were creative, imaginative, funny and warm. They shared honestly about some of their struggles in life. I pray for them and for their wife Cyndi, and all who love Jenn at this time. Grief is complex and there are no easy answers when a person dies by suicide. We entrust them to the love of God, believing that God is love, and that love never dies."

Other colleagues in MCC remember Jenn this way: 
  • Jennifer, Jenn, JC, are a few of the ways you asked me and others to name you. She and her, they and them, all reflect the beauty of your person before God. Today, I remember how you were the first MCC student at Eden Theological Seminary, St. Louis, MO. I started my seminary journey the semester right after you. Together we represented MCC walking in our own ways through the courses, worship at MCC of Greater St. Louis, internships, and the MCC retreat as students. We were ordained on the same day, July 15, 2007. You were a Chaplain, educator, and CPE supervisor. You loved your spouse Cyndi, enjoyed your pets and playing rugby. These are facts we say when you are not here to speak for yourself. As a colleague, you collaborated and challenged me in conversations on gender, orientation, identity and faith. You spoke your truth and that still matters. Your smile, laughter, and that twinkle in your eyes are what I think of today, even as the tears fall from the weight and harsh reality of your death. My friend, I pray you are free from your suffering and may God grant eternal rest, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen. - Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown
  • "Jenn always impressed and inspired me by their deep compassion for all people, especially those who are overlooked by many. Jenn had a ready smile, a warm presence, and a contagious laugh. I can still envision them sitting across my desk sharing their impression of their first semester in seminary at Eden. 'I feel like one of those old desks with many many little drawers. Now all those drawers have been pulled out and are scattered across the floor.' We laughed together and I shared my hope that she would begin to put those drawers back - maybe in different places - during her seminary years." - Rev. Dr. Carol Trissell 
  • “I remember meeting JC at their Intensives in the Practice of Ministry in MCC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. They were at once both guarded and enthusiastic, skeptical and open. And in my experience over the years, they always excelled in holding the space between binarisms with grace, compassion, and a twinkle in their eye. I recall accompanying JC to their (what I believe was a first) tattoo, a thoughtful reclamation of the sacred body they were still learning to love. I can recall with clarity several times over the years when I saw JC -- with a gentle observation or question -- break open a collegial space and transform it into a space for deep connection and healing. JC's heart for CPE was evident, and they were so intentional and care-full in the teaching and learning environment they invited people into. And, JC commanded my respect particularly for the ways in which they held MCC accountable to our aspirational vision. Even when they were hurt or disappointed, they believed we could still be our best selves if we kept working together in a spirit of love and humility.” – Rev. Dr. Kharma Amos
  • "JC's fingerprints were all over the last General Conference, pushing us to ensure there were multiple entry points for people of all abilities. They thought beyond the borders of inclusion to think about how to include people who have often invisible challenges like ADHD, those who might be triggered by hard topics, and those who are feeling isolated. Often, they would take their time deciding what to say, but always it was something good, important for us to consider or exciting to imagine. Their voice helped us to know it was the right choice to add a virtual component of General Conference much before it was obvious we would have to shift directions. Future conferences will be better because of the input they offered in meetings." - Rev. Lauren Bennett & Mike Haase 

Plans for a service have not yet been announced.
If you, or anyone you know, struggle with thoughts of suicide, you are not alone. If you think that someone may be thinking of taking their own life, ask them. You will not do any harm by asking, you are not giving anyone ideas, you may help them out of a dangerous situation just by starting an ordinary conversation. If you are the one struggling with suicidal thoughts, there is help for you. Call a local suicide hotline. It is not your fault you are feeling this way. 
If you have been close to someone who died by suicide, remember that no one's death is your fault. We can help each other but we cannot save each other. 
Friends, we are blessed to be in a caring community through MCC, surrounded by some of the most committed, creative, and wonderful people. Some of those are serving as our Elders and they are here if you would like to talk to someone. Please email to set up a time to talk.
Trans Day of Visibility
Join us this Sunday, March 26th, for a celebration of Trans Day of Visibility! Our Trans*Unity Ministry will participate in our worship service, and we will have special guests: The Trans Chorus of Los Angeles! This will be an exciting service, and we are delighted to have such distinguished guests come and worship with us. Don't miss it!
Press Conference - Next Friday 
FMCC, along with other communities of Faith, will hold a press conference next Friday, March 31st, at 132 N. Euclid Ave., Pasadena, CA 91101, followed by a planning meeting for further protests/activities to counter the Anti-Trans, Anti- Gender-fluid, Anti-drag legislation happening around the country.
Faith Communities Standing Together Against Anti-Trans Legislation 
Press Conference
March 31, 2023
11:00 AM
132 N. Euclid Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91101
Board Member Positions
This year, at our Spring Congregational meeting in late April, we will vote on four board positions! If you are feeling called to serve and/or you have the gift of administration, we invite you to consider being a candidate for our Board of Directors. The application is on our website for easy downloading/printing. Please have completed forms back to Rev. Keith by April 2nd.
Volunteer Opportunities - Social Justice
So many opportunities! Faith Climate Action Week is coming up fast - April 14-23! How will FMCC's participate? Films? Discussions? Petitions? Email or talk to Pastor Lucia to help us plan! 
Volunteers Needed Immediately! 
Have you been feeling a nudge by the Spirit to get a little more involved at church? Here's a simple way to start - we need a couple of people to help for a couple of hours on Friday mornings and/or Saturday mornings with the Food Bank. It's really simple: On Fridays, the food truck arrives, and the food just has to be moved from the pallets to the Hunter Room or the kitchen. On Saturdays, the food just has to be set up on the tables in the courtyard for those who come for food. Not only will it do your spirit good, you'll be in great company! Come and join us!!!
"Assistance for one of our Staff Pastors"
One of our Staff Pastors is experiencing a major health issue - cancer. There are ways that ALL of us can help, such as keeping him in our prayers. There are also some tangible ways we can help: financial assistance for medical bills, providing meals, daily walks, simple house chores, errands. Check out the website link provided to see how you may help:
Rev. Steve Pieters
Rev. Steve has been undergoing chemo therapy for cancer. He is currently in need of assistance in the following areas: 
1. Transportation to and/or from City of Hope in Duarte (every other Tuesday)

2. Getting groceries.

3. Minor chores (dishes, laundry, kitty litter)

4. Taking him for a walk 20 to 30 minutes each day.

If you can assist weekly, daily, monthly, anytime, please email Rev. Steve's scheduler, Solomon Trager:

There is also a GoFundMe page set up for Rev. Steve here:

Commitment Cards
Our Commitment Cards are available on-site and online throughout the year. We ask that you prayerfully consider your financial commitment for 2023.
Join us before and after worship for a time of Hospitality in the church courtyard. Martin Miny is heading a team of people to get coffee, juice, and pastries ready each Sunday. Volunteers are always welcome!
Monkey Pox Vaccine Available 
LA County now has another limited supply of Monkeypox Vaccine available. You can sign up here:
Change In Covid-19 Protocols
As we continue to cope with Covid-19, we are changing our protocols. The new protocols are in line with the rest of LA County. Until further notice, here are our guidelines:

1. We will no longer require vaccinations and boosters for church attendance, though we highly encourage them.
2. We will make wearing masks optional. Please feel free to continue wearing masks as you feel comfortable.

3. We ask people that have symptoms of (or tested positive for) Covid, flu, monkeypox, or any other easily communicable disease to please refrain from attending until they are well.

As we have from the very beginning of the pandemic, we will continue to keep in line with the advice of the LA County Public Health Department. Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate new guidelines.
Tithes & Offerings
Thank you to all who have given so generously through our online giving portal. Our church cannot function without your generosity!! Feel free to continue giving through our website (on PushPay) or simply sending a check in the mail (4607 Prospect Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027). Again, thank you.

Grand Total For Week Ending: 3-20-2023: $4,265.00

Tithes for both services: $3,322.00
Helping Hands: $254.00
Deaf Ministry: $410.00

Evening Vespers
Hospitality - online - after worship!
Don't forget that we have a time of Hospitality after worship each Sunday. The link is at the top of the first page of our website. Come and have some fun with your church family!
A Call to Courage  
Rev. Elder Goudy  

Keep alert, stand firm in your faith, be courageous, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. (1 Corinthians 16:13-14) 

Greetings Metropolitan Community Churches and welcome to a journey together through the Lenten Season. There is a call to courage during this season:
• The courage to face death and embrace life 
• The courage to invest time and energy on things of the Spirit 
• The courage to seek deeper relationships with God and God’s people
• The courage to be sacrificial 

The courage to face death and embrace life: Lent is a journey with Jesus to the cross and also to the resurrection. At some point we will all courageously face Golgotha (Matthew 27:33), a place of death and destruction. Equally courageously, we will all encounter eternal life, “for if we have been united with Christ in death, we will certainly also be united with Christ in a resurrection” (Roman 6:5). 

The courage to invest time and energy on things of the Spirit: There are so many distractions and so many things demanding our attention but in Lent we are invited to pause and reflect on where we are making investments of time and energy. We may experience the Spirit nudging us to spend more time in prayer or praise and less time in worry or finding fault. May the hearts of MCC’ers be brave in seeking out fresh winds of the Spirit. 

The courage to seek deeper relationships with God and God’s people: It does not require much of us to travel in the shallows with one another, exchange occasional pleasantries and avoid authenticity in favor of cheap peace. Likewise, we can keep things on the surface with God, sing a few hymns once a week and consider ourselves in good with the Divine. It is audacious to desire connections of greater depth with God and God’s people. May we be gutsy in developing stronger bonds with one another. 

The courage to be sacrificial: “Sacrifice” is a loaded word but I think it is time to reclaim it.
Certainly we have to be careful when using the term and many people in oppressed groups have had the experience of being called on to sacrifice while no sacrifice has come from those holding power. And yet sacrifice is at the core of the call of Jesus, who says, “For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will find it.” There is nothing more thrilling than surrendering control of one’s life to the glory of God. Many MCC’ers have experienced this joy that comes with entrusting our lives to God’s care. We do it for a moment and another moment and another and those sacrificial moments build on one another and we come to understand that it is all about love.

I became a part of MCC Churches because of the love I witnessed for all of God’s people. Let’s continue to pour out that love this Lenten season and beyond. 

Please click on the image below to view the video on YouTube.
Rev. Keith Mozingo (Moderator)
Martin Covarrubias (Vice Moderator)
Kim Doneche (Clerk)
Tony Martinez (Treasurer)
Roger Owens (Governance)
Bob Stayton (Properties Committee)
Parking Available
Children's Hospital has so graciously volunteered up to 10 spaces for us to park. It is a small lot off Sunset Blvd., just beyond the Metro Station entrance.