Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
September 17, 2019
For Immediate Release

Thomas B.W. Nicholson

Tom of Finland
Art and Culture Festival
Participants Announced

October 5 th & 6 th 2019

TOM House
421 Laveta Terrace, Los Angeles, California (Echo Park)

The Tom of Finland Foundation's 24 th annual Arts and Culture Festival scheduled for October 5 th & 6 th 2019, will allow the public to both experience art, and support artists by purchasing their work.  The Festival is one of the key public events initiated and run by the Foundation, and serves as a platform in furthering its mission to protect, preserve and promote erotic art.

TOM OF FINLAND (Touko Laaksonen, Finnish, 1920-1991) Untitled (Preparatory drawing), c.1965, Graphite on paper, Tom of Finland Foundation Permanent Collection,  ©1965-2019 Tom of Finland Foundation

"The Tom of Finland Art and Culture Festival is a space to showcase artists, and creates an experience where the public is able to interact with art and artist in a safe and inviting manner," said S.R. Sharp, Tom of Finland Foundation vice president and curator. "We are excited to be able to host  both returning long time artists, as well as those newer to the field."  
The Festival will ultimately showcase around 50 artists. We are excited to announce the first round of participants:   Latex Lucifer , Heather Bailey,   Cali Thornhill DeWitt, Marvel A Rex , Rick Castro, Miguel Angel Reyes, and Michael Kirwan.   Additionally,   Rubén Esparza   will be curating works from the following: Bruce La Bruce , Stuart Sandford, Ron Athey .



As part of this year's Festival, the Foundation is excited to show a presentation of the exhibition Community Guidelines. Initially shown at Lethal Amounts gallery here in Los Angeles, this showing will allow another opportunity to see works that have been censored on social media. The show provides each artist the freedom to display work that had been removed by Instagram or Facebook, thus giving these pieces an uncensored platform.   
  "Lethal Amounts' show Community Guidelines builds upon this year's theme, as we look at OUR Community Standards and what is acceptable in addressing how we communicate on and with social media," said Durk Dehner, Tom of Finland Foundation president and cofounder . "We are excited to be hosting a symposium to address this very topic."  
Saturday afternoon, the panel discussion "How Do We Communicate On/With Social Media," moderated by Jennifer  Tyburczy , Associate Professor of Feminist Studies at UC Santa Barbara, will address the state of censorship and the evolving nature of 'OUR Community Standards.'   

Scheduled for 2:00 p.m., the panel will mix academics, artists and other in associated fields for a frank conversation on how as society changes, so do community standards, and yet, the gate keepers often lag behind the wave of evolving societal sentiment.
"Actively addressing the changing nature of the world of art, especially erotic art, has always been a primary focus of the Foundation," said S. R. Sharp, Tom of Finland Foundation vice president and curator . "A key component of the work we do, is honoring our own, and acknowledging all the hard work and dedication that our community members put in."
Always a highlight of the Festival is the annual awards ceremony. This year's list of honorees includes Don Bachardy, Pierre Davis, Christopher Harrity and Danny Fuentes. The awards will be presented Sunday at two p.m., followed by a live art auction.

Saturday October 5, 2019
Art Fair - Noon to 6:00 p.m.
Drawing Session Noon - 3:00 p.m
Panel Discussion - 2:00 p.m.
Screenings - 7:00 p.m.
Sunday October 6, 2019
Art Fair - Noon to 6:00 p.m.
Drawing Session Noon - 2:00 p.m.
Awards Presentation - 2:00 p.m.
Live Auction - 4:00 p.m.
Since 1984,  Tom of Finland Foundation  has been the repository for the work of Tom of Finland (born Touko Laaksonen); and has grown to protect, preserve and promote all types of erotic arts! Headquartered at TOM House, in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, the Foundation has an international presence ensuring artist's works from around the world are secured for future generations, as well as supporting the display, experience of, and discussion about erotic arts at home and abroad.