August 2017
When we published the first issue of this newsletter over four years ago, we deemed it a work in progress and asked for suggestions and constructive criticism to make it even better.

Recently, one of our readers pointed out to me that our template was not appearing properly on her phone. Indeed, it turns out that the format we were using was not mobile friendly. Since about half of you read this newsletter on your phones, that is a problem!

With that in mind, welcome to our new template. Hopefully this streamlined version will appear properly whether you are reading it on your desktop, phone, or tablet. If problems continue, please let us know so we can try more iterations until we get it as good as it can be.

"Too Fat" vs. "Too Thin"
A woman who is struggling mightily to recover from anorexia nervosa posted on a message board criticism of her treatment team for saying that being “too thin” is problematic while being “too fat” is okay. Does she have a point?

Practice News
Joanne and I attend professional conferences as often as we can in order to further our education. As I was writing the above piece, I remembered an excellent talk we heard at the Hynes Recovery Services conference in 2014. The presenter, Dr. Kim Dennis, detailed the red flags of eating disorders that sadly often go unnoticed or are quickly dismissed in our culture. Her talk is important viewing for parents, practitioners, coaches, and anybody else who interacts with adolescents and young adults. Watch her presentation here.
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