(For H.I.M. Lead InI In the Paths of Righteousness)
" In choosing for your own sphere the vocation of nursing – the caring for and tending of the sick – you have made a noble choice, for it is one of the truly humanitarian professions. However, it will not always be in hospitals fitted with every convenience that you will carry out this your chosen task; you will have to go to all sorts of places where toil and trouble await you. Your training and your profession make this incumbent upon you. But how great a thing it really is, to be able to help your fellow-men, tortured by pain and troubled by disease – to bring rest and relief to body and soul alike! Your own awareness of it may be limited, but the patient who receives your care will surely feel it and appreciate it deeply. ." (Selected Speeches of H.I.M. p.49)
On February 23, 2020, two white American terrorists murdered 25 year old, Ahmaud Arbery, as he jogged through their neighborhood. On March 16, 2020, white police murdered 26 year old, Beronna Taylor, as she laid in her bed. On May 25, 2020, Minneapolis, Minnesota police murdered George Floyd during an alleged arrest. These ongoing systematic lynchings of African Americans show a bleak outlook for the future of Black people in America. IDOR condemns the murderous devils who have committed and are committing these cowardly, criminal acts against innocent and defenseless Black people. The perpetrators shall find no peace or ease upon this earth, and the wickedness of the Fathers shall be visited on their children. What a Woe innah babywrong, what a woe ... Nyahbinghi seh, "lightning and thunder!, Earthquake and Lava!, Brimstone & Fiyah!, What a woe."

These timeless words of the Hon. Marcus Moziah Garvey are a good reminder to Black people living in America:

"Do they lynch Englishmen, Frenchmen, Germans or Japanese? No. And Why? Because these
people are represented by great governments, mighty nations and empires, strongly organized. Yes, and ever ready to shed the last drop of blood and spend the last penny in the national treasury to protect the honor and integrity of a citizen outraged anywhere. Until the Negro reaches this point of national independence, all he does as a race will count for naught, because the prejudice that will stand out against him even with his ballot in his hand, with his industrial progress to show, will be of such an overwhelming nature as to perpetuate mob violence and mob rule, from which he will suffer, and which he will not be able to stop with his industrial wealth and with his ballot." ( Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey edited by Amy Jacques-Garvey The Journal of Pan African Studies 2009 eBook, p.32)
Arbery & his mom Wander Cooper
Beronna Taylor
George Floyd
"God Almighty created all men equal, whether they be white, yellow or black, and for any race to admit that it cannot do what others have done, is to hurl an insult at the Almighty who created all races equal, in the beginning. The white man has no right of way to this green earth, neither the yellow man. All of us were created lords of the creation, and whether we be white, yellow, brown or black nature intended a place for each and everyone." ( Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey edited by Amy Jacques-Garvey The Journal of Pan African Studies 2009 eBook, p.22)
"If the Negro were to live in this Western Hemisphere for another five hundred years he would still be outnumbered by other races who are prejudiced against him. He cannot resort to the government for protection for government will be in the hands of the majority of the people who are prejudiced against him, hence for the Negro to depend on the ballot and his industrial progress alone, will be hopeless as it does not help him when he is lynched, burned, Jim-crowed and segregated. The future of the Negro therefore, outside of Africa, spells ruin and disaster." ( Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey edited by Amy Jacques-Garvey The Journal of Pan African Studies 2009 eBook, p.33)
A Gift is A Gift! A Donation A Donation!
Hon. Dr. Sistah Rita Marley, Please Rethink the Closing of the Nyahbinghi Grounds in Scotts Pass.
In 1987, Sistah Rita Marley donated land to the Theocracy Reign Order of the Nyahbinghi, for "The establishment of a Tabernacle for the Praise of Ras Tafari in the Nyahbinghi Order" (See Ras Tafari International News below) . The Ras Tafari International News publication of the donation focused on a subsequent announcement. However, Sistah Rita Marley first communicated her gift of land to Bongo Daniels and came to a Nyahbinghi Ises in March 1987 in Portland Cottage, Clarendon, JA, WI, to announce the gift. At this Ises, Sistah Rita discussed her intention with Bongo Daniels and Ras Ivi Tafari and sought audience with the full House. Subsequently, Bongo Daniels spearheaded the building of the original Tabah with a $20,000 (JA) contribution from Sistah Rita. Grounds for the Tabah was opened and blessed in the presence of InI Majesties Emperor Haile Selassie I and Empress Menen Asfaw, HIH Prince Dawit and Thedros Tamarat (grandsons of Ras Imru), and Nyahbinghi Ancients, including Bongo Daniels, Ras Daggu, Bongo Mabark and many others.

In November 1988, Sistah Rita Marley attended Nyahbinghi Ises at Pit Four center, Montego Bay at the invitation of Ras Ivi Tafari and others, to address a full Gathering of the Nyahbinghi faithful on the donation of the Scotts Pass land to the Nyahbinghi House. There, Sistah Rita Marley faced the wrath of the great Ras Boanerges (Bongo Watto) who chastised her for propagation of reggae music as a morally destructive force. It is reported that Sistah Rita responded with grace and magnanimity as she defended the liberation message and mission of her music and questioned Bongo Watto, whether he had listened to any of her music. He had not. However, wise minds prevailed and the Nyahbinghi House, led by Ancient Bongo Tawney, spoke up and ihearticali accepted the land donation and thanked Sistah Rita for the grant and her works. Bongo Tawney reportedly said: “For the first time the Nyahbinghi Order will be able to say , InI now have a place we can call our own”. It is also reported that when Bongo Tawney sealed-up his sound accepting the donation and thanking Sistah Rita, the young lion, Julian Marley, shouted the iritical sound JAHHHHHH!, and the Gathering chanted in initi and balance, RASTAFARI!!!

Until more recent years, Scotts Pass had become a renowned center of iritical powers and energy for Ras Tafari and the Nyahbinghi Order worldwide. The history of the Nyahbinghi Scotts Pass center is inextricably linked to the evolution of the Nyahbinghi Order. Guided or lead by Ancients, who at the time rejected modern education and babylonian government structures and systems, they focused primarily on giving Praises or Ises to Emperor Haile Selassie I, JAH Ras Tafari as the Giver and Sustainah of all things. They administered the affairs of the Nyahbinghi Order in the traditions of African communal gatherings. Their actions are recorded in the sanctuaries of the mind. Collective morality set their standards.
By the time Sistah Rita donated Scotts Pass land in 1987, the Nyahbinghi House had already initiated the process to prepare a set of written guidelines on the standards and administration of the Nyahbinghi Order. The Guidelines were adopted by the Nyahbinghi House in 1989 and along with the Teachings of Haile Selassie I, provided an effective operational structure in the conduct of the works of the Nyahbinghi Order, and guided the emerging Nyahbinghi Houses throughout the world. In recent years, however, the Nyahbinghi Houses have been travailing through disarray, infighting, and power struggles. Neglecting the solemn duty of giving Praises to Ras Tafari and being guided by H.I.M. irits, Ones have lost their way, praising and judging themselves and others, leading to the expected human failures and serious consequences now facing the Nyahbinghi House at Scotts Pass.

In early May 2020, the gates to the Scotts Pass Nyahbinghi center were locked and guards were posted outside. A number of individuals living on the compound were given formal notices of eviction from attorney Hylton Powell, representing Dr. Hon. Rita Marley. Subsequent email communication made clear that the Nyahbinghi Tabah was closed and no "Praises to Ras Tafari" would be allowed at the Tabah moving forward. The stated basis for the closure of the Scotts Pass Nyahbinghi House involves allegations of illegal harboring, misconduct, illegalities, irregularities, and other malfeasance occurring on the land. It is not clear that the allegations are raised directly against the Nyahbinghi House as a unitary structure.

This is not the forum to dwell on the specific allegations and their merits or demerits as regards to the Nyahbinghi House. Many of the allegations are perhaps, credible and raise legitimate issues that must be addressed by the Nyahbinghi House. However, the solution should not be to disavow a solemn and noble gift or donation of such historic proportions. This would cause a historic spoliation of the great foundation laid by Sistah Rita Marley towards the historic works and progress of the Nyahbinghi House. Instead, this must be used as an opportunity to further preserve this legacy of Sistah Rita Marley for the further growth and progress of the Nyahbinghi Order for generations to come.

IDOR is appealing to Sistah Rita Marley and other decision makers on this issue in the Marley family, to work toward the renewal and preservation of the Nyahbinghi Houses at Scotts Pass in a sustainable manner for the Itinual Praises of Ras Tafari. The Nyahbinghi House at Scotts Pass has created and dispersed iritical energies and vibration throughout the world, opening countless eyes and consciousness to the ivinity of Emperor Haile Selassie First and Empress Menen Asfaw and life's purpose. Let InI make a good effort to help Scotts Pass Nyahbinghi House revive, restructure, and restart the Judgement Fiyah from the embers in the ashes. A Fiyah that shall burn there itunally , for the "Praises of JAH Ras Tafari."
IDOR Launches its African
Liberation Repatriation Initiative !
Fifty-seven (57) years after the reconfigured Africa Day became African Liberation Day, the Iniversal Development of Ras Tafari (IDOR) is actively engaged in a Liberation Repatriation Initiative that will bring some of Africa’s brightest stars home from the West.

As was well established by the early leaders of the Ras Tafari Movement, African repatriation is and remains one of the central pillars of African Liberation. Consistent with its history of targeting and achieving specific milestones and objectives, IDOR is now mapping strategies that will empower personal and collective commitments for achieving its repatriation goal.
Through a series of focused deliberations, IDOR has mobilized Ras Tafari and Pan African ‘creators’ from the Caribbean, Europe, and multiple regions across North America, including the Virgin Islands, Florida, Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Washington D.C., among others on a reclamation agenda. The initial phase of the initiative will begin in Ghana, West Africa, and continue to Ethiopia and potentially Kenya. Pan African and Ras Tafari forerunners who are already living in the targeted African states are being engaged for logistical, cultural and other necessary information.

IDOR will work and remain focused on this collaboration and organizing initiative! The organization also accepts that by using this forum to declare its intention and share its “sound” on the ‘Liberation Repatriation Initiative’, InI will earn the blessings of Q’adamawi Haile Selassie I, Empress Menen Asfaw, and all the GOOD African Ancestors for the success of this mission. May Jah Ras Tafari and history record InI actions as a positive increment in the trajectory of African Liberation, and consistent with the aspirations of our mothers and forefathers who declared Africa for the Africans at home and abroad!!!
IDOR Establishes Scholarship/Bursary
in Honor of Mama Ijahnya
On May 2, 2020 IDOR hosted a Zoom Gathering to honor, celebrate and pay tribute for the life of Sister Empress Ijahnya. During the Gathering, which was well attended by Ras Tafari sisters and brothers from various regions, IDOR put forward the idea of establishing a scholarship fund in honor of Mama Ijahnya. The general idea is to establish a scholarship or bursary of US$1,000 to start, that will be awarded to one or two high school student pursuing studies in an area of work that matches Mama Ijahnya's life. The proposal was overwhelmingly supported and attendees immediately pledged $700 of the established amount. IDOR is now working out the eligibility requirements, formal naming of the fund, and other modalities regarding the Ijahnya scholarship/Bursary fund.
Repatriation Gains Momentum in America
Made In Africa Project & The Alkebulan Development Group Have Partnered With The Following Organizations To form "The Exodus Alliance". The Exodus Alliance is A multi-collective strategic alliance between proven champions for the development of repatriation resources at home and abroad. The Exodus Alliance addresses the needs of repatriates with productive solutions, as well as strategies for sustainable growth on the continent. Many African countries have the fastest economic growth rates in the world. As the global community increases and expands, so should the wonderful and lucrative opportunities for African descendants in the diaspora. The Exodus Alliance has committed itself to these making these opportunities and resources available. 
Ras Tafari in the World: Halfway Up/Halfway Down?
It is IDOR’s experiential reality that many people from across multiple demography are engaging with, learning about, and embracing the ethos of Ras Tafari. This has been evident especially over the past 2 years. As the Almighty would have it, InI office has fielded many questions from ones seeking clarity on the ‘how and why’ of Ras Tafari. Members of IDOR’s administrative team were asked to, and have offered lectures in community and cultural centers, libraries, churches and universities to diverse audiences seeking to align themselves with the message and ethos of Ras Tafari. All of these activities inform the narrative that Ras Tafari as a cultural, spiritual, and liberation Movement is achieving the goals anticipated in the chants of the early elders, who declared “every goody ought to know who Ras Tafari is…,” and “The Conquering Lion has broken the Chain.” The reality of these engagements must be acknowledged and celebrated as partial fulfillment of InI mission.

Still, lingering signals of the shameful and inhumane colonial residue begs eradication from the consciousness and actions of many people, including some in positions of authority on the unique island of Jamaica. 
Ras Tafari is a Force for Good ... On Every Level.
" ...We reaffirm today, in the name of principle and right, our opposition to prejudice, wherever and in whatever form it may be found, and particularly do we rededicate ourselves to the eradication of racial discrimination from this continent. We can never rest content with our achievements so long as men, in any part of Africa, assert on racial grounds their superiority over the least of our brothers. Racial discrimination constitutes a negation of the spiritual and psychological equality which we have fought to achieve and a denial of the personality and dignity which we have struggled to establish for ourselves as Africans.." (Selected Speeches of H.I.M. p.253)
Learn About Ras Tafari Liviti & The Positive Influence of Ras Tafari on Urban Culture