No need to touch handles or buttons!
TORMAX Canada is ready when you are!
Dear customer, partners and associates.

We have begun to see some early glimmers of hope with Canada’s effort to fight the spread of COVID-19 in every province and territory recently. Even as “normal” activities begin to return over the next several months, we will continue to deal with uncertainty and navigate economic start-up challenges we have never encountered before.

Of course, our main priority is to help protect the health and well-being of our employees, customers, suppliers and the community as a whole by staying vigilant with our hygienic guidelines and our corporate safety protocols.

We have been successful with our business continuity plans: our emergency services and healthcare installations are available to our customers whenever they need them. Our branch locations are open to the levels compliant with each region’s “Essential” business directives. We are well stocked and prepared to be fully operational as lockdown strategies ease and we return to more seasonal levels.

As the Provincial medical directors and healthcare professionals continue to stress the need to wash hands and observe social distancing, we are reminded that “touchless” and “hands-free” door system technologies are easily available in this modern age. These simple and cost-effective upgrades allow you to completely eliminate the need to touch door handles or push buttons – which are notorious hotspots for germs.

If you are thinking about automating doors to improve hygienic conditions in your buildings or to ease social distancing bottlenecks, contact us directly. We will gladly provide you with recommendations, product information and a quotation by phone or email if you require.

We wish you and your teams good health and a speedy return to your “new normal” operations.

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