Learn to use Collaboration Frameworks to build high performance teams. 

For more than a decade, we've taught business leaders -- from companies such as Adobe, Cisco, Daimler Financial, RELX Group, Transamerica and Yahoo! -- how to become collaboration superheroes. 

Our interactive certification workshops prepare participants to be members of high performance teams, revealing how they can use, adapt and create collaboration frameworks to build breakthrough products and services, improve strategy decisions, strengthen product portfolios, and more. 

You can join them by attending one of our upcoming certification workshops.
Collaboration Frameworks for Scrum & Agile Teams
In this powerful one day, learning-by-doing certification workshop, Luke Hohmann, will teach you several essential frameworks to improve your Agile projects. Special emphasis will be placed on scaling collaboration to meet the needs of multiple Scrum teams and distributed Scrum teams. Luke will show you how to:
  We will also use 20/20 Vision to include one bonus framework that addresses a problem chosen by the class. Past classes have chosen to Spider Web to understand product/service ecosystems, improving release planning through Mitch Lacey's online Planning wall and more...

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Austin, TX | March 31, 2016                      

Pricing: $249 Early Bird / $299 General Admission (Includes Standard subscription the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud's Idea Engine & Decision Engine.)

Certification: Completion of this course grants participants 60 credits in the Certified Collaboration Architect program. PDU credits for other certification programs may apply. 

How to Design Innovation Games

"How to Design Innovation Games®" is a new, hands-on class designed for Innovation Games facilitators who want the deeper foundation of game theory needed to extend, redesign, and create new collaborative games.
Created and taught by Luke Hohmann, the inventor of many notable Gamestorming games, "How to Design Innovation Games®" teaches the "secret ingredients" of serious, collaborative game design through hands-on use of the Collaborative Game Design Canvas™ to deconstruct existing games, extend them and create new games (think of this as "a Business Model Canvas for serious game design").

After taking this class, you will be able to create serious, collaborative, online and in-person games to tackle complex business problems in strategy, competitive positioning, marketing and product development. 

You will learn:
  • Game theory and essential structure for serious, collaborative games.
  • The Collaborative Game Design Canvas™, a powerful new canvas for designing games.
  • Design strategies and proven processes for game adaptation and creation.
  • How to determine game modes (online, in-person, hybrid).
  • Online & in-person facilitation strategies.
Registration & More Info

Pricing: $249 Early Bird / $299 General Admission  (Includes Standard subscription the Conteneo Collaboration Cloud's  Idea Engine  &  Decision Engine .)

Certification:  Completion of this course grants participants 60 credits in the Certified Collaboration Architect program. PDU credits for other certification programs may apply. 
Playcamp Phoenix | April 22, 2016

Playcamp is coming to Phoenix in 2016! This one-day event will bring together the
vibrant community of practitioners who use Innovation Games, Gamestorming (and other related techniques), along with those who want to explore these collaborative working methods. 

Playcamps combine the best of traditional conferences, meetups and unconferences, with keynotes, community-driven content, including an opportunity to not only hear how your peers are using collaborative play and serious games, but a chance to put the techniques to practice. 

Join us!
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