Volume VII | Issue 6
Triennial Today
Sunday July 8, 2018
49th Triennial Meeting of the Episcopal Church Women
at the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church
Today's Schedule
Sunday, July 8
Be sure to check the schedule for changes

Check out today's and upcoming schedules here:

8:00 am - 12:30 pm
9:30 am - 10:15 am
12:00 pm
12:30 pm - 2:00 pm
2:30 pm - 4:00 pm
4:15 pm - 5:45 pm
Worship in local parishes (see below)
or simple Eucharist in Convention Center
Bishops United Against Gun Violence
Exhibit Hall Opens
Distinguished Women Luncheon
Workshops - First Session
Workshops - Second Session
Worshiping at General Convention: Welcoming People of "All Stripes and Types" 

On Sunday, July 8th, convention goers are encouraged to go out into the Austin Convocation of the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and visit one of its worshiping communities. Each church has prepared a description of itself in its own words, and you are invited to find one that speaks to you. The list as well as information about transportation to and from the churches can be  found here .

A simple Eucharist will be offered at 10:30 a.m. on the 8th in the convention center (exhibit hall 5, level 1) for those who don't visit a local parish.

By design, the liturgies of the 79th General Convention reflect the diversity of The Episcopal Church and embody the Jesus Movement - that loving, liberating and life-giving way of Jesus Christ. Some services will be held during the day while others will take place in the early evening. (The times and locations of these services are noted on our Triennial Meeting calendar .) All worship offerings will go to  Episcopal Relief and Development, Episcopal Migration Ministries, and Episcopal HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).
Bishops United Against Gun Violence

Public Witness march at

409 E. 5th Street, Austin, TX
Workshops - Session I - Hilton Downtown
(directly across the street from the worship hall)

1. Listening: A Sacred Art and a Spiritual Practice - Kay Lindahl
2. Radical Hospitality and Environmental Stewardship - Bill Slocumb and Ashley Graham-Wilcox
3. Comunicando Dia a Dia la Mision Global - The Rev. Yamily Bass-Choate
4. Let's Sing! - Linda Patterson
5. Basic Parliamentary Procedure - Dennis Clark
6. Faith and Environment / Greening Congregations - LeeAnne Beres
7. Welcoming the Recovery Community in Our Churches - The Rev. Terry Pierce
Workshops - Session II - Hilton Downtown
(directly across the street from the worship hall)

8. Camping Leadership as Church Leadership - Ashley Graham-Wilcox
9. Ministry and Mission: Go, Proclaim and Communicate!!! - The Rev. Yamily Bass-Choat
10. (CPC) The Church Periodical Club - Cai Armstrong
11. GO FORTH! Bringing the Love of God to the Broken: Kairos Prison Ministry - Daryl Storey
12. My Church is Small - How Can Our Music Do Big Things? - Linda Patterson
13. (GFS) Tough Issues Call for Tough Women - Juanita Miller and Sarah Rademacher
14. Food, Faith, and Fellowship - Audra Ebner
Yesterday's Highlights
Bring Your Own Breakfast with Yewande Austin
Yewande Austin, an award-winning lecturer, social activist and honorary U.S. Cultural Ambassador, brought music and a message to the ECW Triennial Meeting on Saturday, July 7: "It's our responsibility to lean into the dark spaces and make a difference."

The resident of Virginia used her life story as a backdrop to illustrate why she believes, "God had equipped you with all the talents needed to be the change in your own life," and she then challenged audience members to "identify three gifts you are sitting on that could help you change your community" whether it's poverty, human trafficking, violence against women or hunger.

Yewande, who sang a variety of musical genres, including Negro spirituals and show tunes to help make her points, explained she is using her gifts to build  Alheri Village a sustainable resettlement community for some of the nearly two million survivors displaced by conflict with Boko Haram terrorist in Abuja, Nigeria.

And she cautioned to not forget to "ask those you serve what they need" before deciding what will be done to fight an injustice.
Saturday, July 7th Meditations

led by Triennial Meeting 2018 Chaplain, the Rev. Cathy Boyd

Joint Session on Evangelism
The Rt. Rev Alan Scarfe spoke about how revival is a spiritual renewal and for a renewal, you need to be made new. He spoke about the successes his team has had with taking the revival to the people, yet, he himself, retuned to his own pulpit, and went right back to the same thing. Until this was pointed out to him, he had not even realized it. To participate in a revival we need to be revived!

The Rev Daniel Velez Rivera referred to himself as a priest with his "feet in the street", and described what he felt that meant to him. He says if you really want to evangelize you need to go where the people are, not wait for them to come to you.

The Rev. Lauren Winner says we will never be able to evangelize until we think "of Jesus as our beloved" so we can speak to others about our beloved.

The session ended with us breaking into groups of two and answering the following question.

What word, image, or theme stands out for you from the talks and offerings you just heard? What is Jesus saying and calling you to do or to be, with regard to evangelism?

We then broke into groups of four to six and discussed the following question.

Given what you just shared in pairs about what Jesus is calling you toward personally, how might our churches and institutions respond to this call collectively?

We were then given the following assignment.

Given what your group said about how we could respond to God’s call as churches and institutions, what would help you/your church/your diocese to take the next steps around
evangelism? What do you need? What do you want to share or create?

Discover resources & groups to continue the conversation. Share resources, questions, and needs. Text TECON or EVANGELISMGC to 51555 or visit TEConversations.

"We've got ourselves a many-splendored God." (The Most Rev. Michael Curry)

Some 2,500 people - Episcopalians and others - descended upon the Palmer Center in Austin on Saturday evening for a two-part event related to the 79th General Convention: a revival featuring live music and the preaching of Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, and a Texas Backyard BBQ hosted by the Diocese of Texas.

Full coverage of the happening by Episcopal News Service, including a video of the revival and quotes from Evita Krislock, Province VIII Representative to the National Board of Episcopal Church Women, can be found here ,
Special Items
Celebration of Holy Eucharist & UTO Ingathering
Friday, July 6th
By Stephanie Harris–Ash

One of the intrigues of General Convention has been in attending the daily worship. The pomp and circumstance that is afforded from our rich Church history and the way we embrace new cultures and their way of worship always leaves me in awe. A sense of serenity and that yes all can be good in this big bad world permeates my being. I feel like I can dream of a better and more tolerable environment for next generation. Yes, Bishop Curry we can achieve and exude that life giving love and liberation of life and indeed GO!

Click here for full article:

Through the Eyes of a Girls Friendly Society Member
Day Three of Triennial Convention
By Nicole Houston

GFS and the church community have been such a huge part of my life. Church and GFS have helped me become the young lady I am today. The young woman I am growing to be is a strong independent women that is trying to spread movements and spread love to those in need. So this week I am here to inform many different groups and people about our program and hopefully get our organization to be opened up in more locations. Today GFS taught others about the Candle badge, attended a nice breakfast, hung out at our booth providing information to others, and went to a revival service and barbecue.

As I mentioned previously we GFS girls attended a very nice breakfast. We got many positive and interested vibes. This morning there was an amazing speaker named Yewande Austin. Yewande began speaking about how women of faith are in action. Yewande mentioned how sometimes we talk more than we act. We Girls Friendly girls were able to connect with Yewande Austin, mainly because being in GFS means that we take action and help those in need. Yewande mentions how everyone needs a hero which everyone in the congregation highly agreed with. Last, Yewande mentioned female trafficking and how one girl is trafficked every 10 minutes in America. The audience was very shocked and touched by the numbers of young ladies that were getting trafficked. Yewande went to South Africa and helped educate and build new shelters for families and students.

After the breakfast we were able to get the amazing experience of having a small group meeting with Yewande, in which we were able to ask any questions and learn more about her project. During this mini meet-up, we all felt personally connected to Yewande in different ways. We found her so inspiring and can’t wait to continue spreading the orange gender violence awareness program.

The next event today was the candle activity, initiated by the GFS girls. In order for one of the GFS girls to earn their candle badge they would need to complete this activity. Each customer, one at a time, comes up and tries to match each name provided from the bible to each candle. The candles symbolize how Jesus is the Iight of the world. While the customers were participating each of them seemed to have fun learning about the badge and being able to match the bible sections to each candle.

In addition to the breakfast and candle activity we ran our GFS booth. We were able to answer many questions related to our program and tell visitors what we are all about. Today we also talked to many people that seemed very moved and fascinated by our program and some even seemed interested in starting it at their church! While some were educating at our booth, other GFS girls got the chance to go around and learn about other organizations and other church groups. As some walked around we noticed that many of these booths have the same goal, which is to gather a group to go on missions around either the world or country, to help build or make a change. Most of the booths here this week are here to create a movement as well, which I find is amazing and very moving.
To end such an amazing productive day we went to the revival service and barbecue. The revival was filled with such positivity and happiness. The performers were amazing followed with an amazing service talking about reviving us again and filling our hearts with God's love. The barbecue was so much fun filled with many smiles and amazing food. It was so much fun and I'm glad we were able to attend. It's a lot of fun to see so many happy faces around and see everyone have an amazing time.

That’s all for day 3 and I can’t wait for the many days to come at this year's 2018 General Convention in Austin, Texas.
The Episcopal Church Women Triennial Quilt

In 1988, uniquely-designed squares were contributed by the diocesan ECWs of the nine provinces plus four affiliated ECW organizations. These were used to create a quilt measuring 13 ft. wide and 9 ft. long.

For many years, the quilt was displayed at Triennial Meetings. It is now in a fragile state.

If anyone has information which might help the National Board of ECW preserve its history, please drop by the ECW booth (#411) in the Exhibit Hall, where notecards with this picture are available. and leave it with the women working there. Written information only, please.
National Episcopal Church Women | [email protected] | ecwnational.org