Meet Aniko Millan: As our Parks and Programs Specialist, Aniko brings a lifetime of experience as a Park Ranger to our team. She shares, "Mind blowing is the best description - in the last three months County Park Friends made happen what I had tried to do in a 28 year career! 

"This is an organization that is truly geared to getting things done and making this world a better place!  Someone poses an idea or desire, we talk about it, then we DO IT - collectively putting together complementary brains and backgrounds to make it happen. All the while we have tremendous fun sharing Santa Cruz County Parks and Beaches with our new participants, many who have lived in this county their whole lives but had never been to one or more. Thank you, County Park Friends, for all you’ve done for ALL people, including me!"
Our Mission is to preserve, protect, improve and promote the use of ​Santa Cruz County parks and open spaces for recreational activities, arts and cultural activities to benefit all generations in our diverse community.
Donations to us are tax deductible  501(c)(3) organization
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