So much has happened this past year. In this Blue Sky newsletter we've covered a LOT of topics. A lot of great information is out there at your fingertips to make you a better athlete and I might add a better person.. well maybe. Topics covered include how to set goals, proper ways to train for the swim/bike/run, nutrition, recovery, and what to do in the off-season. In case you have missed any of the newsletters by say deleting them before reading them--totally by accident I know-- you can visit our website to review them all, simply click here for hours of happiness.

As the new year approaches however, we don't want to spend our time looking in the rear view mirror at the year that has passed. It's time to start looking ahead. Our partner coach, Rick Kattouf, has some words of wisdom on:

"Stretchin' the Comfort Zone"
Ahhh, the New Year is upon us; always an exciting time for setting new goals. It is very easy to get stuck into a routine, glued to old habits (many of which need an overhaul) and feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Let’s make 2018 the year to try something(s) new. It’s time to stretch that comfort zone, embrace the new & uncomfortable, and go for it. Maybe you want to get to the gym and start strength training. Maybe you want to compete in a Duathlon (run-bike-run). Maybe you want to set that road bike aside and purchase a Triathlon bike, get comfortable in those aero bars and take your multisport training and racing to a new level. Whatever the ‘new’ is for you in 2018, let’s grab that lunch pail, roll up those sleeves, put on that hard hat and let’s get to work!

What can you do? Try something new! There are several new races in the area, most notably the Swim/Run at the Blue Sky Endurance Fest on April 22nd . It will be a full day of challenging athletic competition, food, and fun. With no other event in the Lowcountry like it, Blue Sky Endurance Fest offers a unique and challenging combination of races.

Race Format : Swim, run, repeat (optional). Swim a one-mile loop and directly follow it with a one mile off road running loop. Racers doing the Double Dip will repeat this format twice (Swim-Run-Swim-Run) for a total of 2 miles of swimming and two miles of running. Racers completing the Third Times a Charm will repeat this format three times (Swim-Run-Swim-Run-Swim-Run) for a total of three miles swimming and three miles running. How cool is that?!

Time to take the plunge, not the polar plunge, this plunge involves no pucker factor. Try the local Swim//Run! Try a triathlon. Do a duathlon. Stretch your comfort zone! Sign up now!