What important life event happens to every single person, yet many are (unfortunately) reluctant to properly make arrangements for it in advance?



A funeral.

When a loved one passes away, it often happens that many decisions need to be made in a short period of time, yet family members are grief-stricken, stressed and overwhelmed. For this reason (among others), comprehensively planning your funeral arrangements in advance can be a real gift for the people whom you love. In this manner, the family will have clear direction and information about your funeral arrangements, including the organization of important documents, casket selection, type of service, and burial location.

Most funeral homes will gladly facilitate funeral pre-planning consultations at your home or at one of their locations.

For over two decades, CMC has been counseling patients and family members throughout the Chicago area concerning end-of-life issues such as those mentioned above. CMC connects patients and families with local Rabbonim who are expert in the end-of-life field, so that they may be reassured of having authoritative halachic answers that are tailored to their specific individual circumstances.

To request CMC guidance and/or support regarding an end-of-life issue or for any patient and/or family member struggling with illness, please call CMC or click this link to visit CMC's website.
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