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On a Shabbat (or Jewish Holiday), how does Jewish law regulate the transfer of a deceased Jewish patient to a funeral home, morgue, or other location? 



On a Shabbat or Jewish Holiday, Jewish law generally prohibits transferring a deceased body. However, if the room must be vacated or if the amount of time (in a facility) exceeds the limit allowed by law, then: 

  • In a hospital, the deceased may be moved into the morgue until after the Shabbat or Jewish holiday; 
  • In a nursing or rehabilitation facility, the nursing staff may call the funeral home to have the body transported; 
  • In a private home where proper ventilation is available, the family should always make an effort to keep the deceased at home until the end of the Shabbat or Jewish Holiday. 

Please note that whenever the funeral home is called on a Shabbat or Jewish Holiday, a non-Jew should place the call. 


* The above answer applies in general situations. However, unusual circumstances may result in the application of a different ruling of Jewish law.

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