End-of-life issues are often difficult and complex, and every situation may be different, depending on numerous individual factors and circumstances. In every case, it is absolutely critical for the patient and family members to have a clear and comprehensive understanding of the patient's medical condition, of the treatment choices that may be available, and of the probable outcomes and ramifications of each treatment alternative.

It bears emphasizing that the earlier this understanding can be achieved, the better. However, at the beginning of a diagnosis, patients and family members are often overwhelmed by pain, illness, confusion, anxiety and fear. Having to deal with unfamiliar medical terms and mazes of insurance policies only adds to the stress and bewilderment. And on top of it all, the task of choosing between treatment options for a serious illness of a loved one is often impacted by exquisitely sensitive considerations of Jewish faith and halacha in a manner that many of us would never otherwise encounter. 

With decades of experience guiding and supporting patients and family members through every kind of illness and end-of-life journey, Chicago Mitzvah Campaign has the knowledge, experience, deep sensitivity and caring to provide the needed assistance and crucial support. CMC often serves as liaison between the family and the medical team, helping to clarify medical terms and treatment options. CMC connects the family with Rabbonim who are expert in the end-of-life field, so that they may be reassured of having authoritative halachic answers that are tailored to their specific individual questions.

To request CMC guidance and/or support regarding an end-of-life issue or for any patient and/or family member struggling with illness, please call CMC or click this link to visit CMC's website.
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