A positive path for spiritual living
Rev. Joanne Blum, Minister
Unity Church of Delaware
Sunday, Feb.21, 2021
"Un-Judging" Speaker: Rev. Joanne Blum
Music: Joe & Joanne, and Special Guest, TOM KIMMEL
As I prepare this newsletter for mailing, I am remembering that today is Ash Wednesday, the day that kicks off the Lenten season, and wondering what we most need to unburden ourselves of this year. This is not a year for giving up chocolates or beer; this is a year for deep reflection on what we most need to purge from our souls, so as to feel more love and peace in our lives. Our tendency to judgement might be a good place to start. If we can learn to "un-judge," to really see and hear each other, could we find our way back to that sense of loving kinship we long for? As our inspiring musical guest, Tom Kimmel, put it, "If I linger for a moment, would I see myself in you?" Join us this Sunday for reflections on "un-judging" and a special video song by award-winning Mississippi songwriter, Tom Kimmel.
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Last Sunday's Service 2-14-21
"Love as Belonging"
Mother Teresa said that "if we lack peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other." Perhaps rediscovering our belonging-ness is itself a kind of falling in love.
Unity Church of Delaware
Annual Meeting
Feb. 21 at 11:30 am via ZOOM

Our yearly opportunity to share a brief review of the church's blessings over the past year, and our expectations for the year ahead. All are welcome. Official membership is not required. Hosted by the Board of Trustees: Paul Wesner, Linda Comstock, Becca Fisher, Larry Christ, and Rev. Joanne Blum.

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Rev. Robert Brumet
"An Experience of Insight Meditation"
Feb. 28th 11:30 - 1:00 pm
Robert Brumet is a teacher, writer, and spiritual director based in Kansas City. An ordained Unity minister since 1980, Robert conducts a variety of retreats, seminars and classes that focus on meditation, self-awareness and spiritual development. He is the author of four books (Finding Yourself in Transition, The Quest for Wholeness, Birthing a Greater Reality, and Living Originally).
Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your spiritual practice with a master teacher.
Love offering basis.

To attend the workshop, send your email address, so we can add you to the ZOOM invite list, to: Unitydelawareohio@gmail.com

Note: Rev. Brumet will also guest speak on "An Introduction to Insight Meditation" at our 10:30 service on Feb. 28th.
For more information about Robert Brumet's teaching, speaking, and writing activities, go to: www.RobertBrumet.com
Art by Linda Wesner (lawesner.com)
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