Church Family,

What do you do when your marriage feels stuck? How do you move forward when you seem to be running in place? How do you make a strong marriage, even stronger? We want to help you take the next step in your marriage.

The relationship between husband and wife is one of God’s gifts both to us and the world around us. Healthy marriages show forth the light of the Gospel, pointing to Jesus – the perfect groom who loves His bride the church sacrificially and selflessly.

As much as marriage is a gift and a light, marriage can also be filled with times of struggle as we raise children, battle our own and our spouse’s brokenness, work through career changes, move to new places, experience health crises, and on and on. Life has a way of applying stress to our marriages such that a healthy marriage takes intentionality and cultivation. Healthy marriages don’t just happen, they are pursued.

At MCC, we want to come alongside of you and help you be intentional about your marriage for your benefit, the benefit of your children, and the benefit of the world.

Building on last year’s life-changing marriage group (the feedback we received was SO good!), MCC is going to once again offer an eight-session, limited run Community Group. The You & Me Forever Marriage Group begins March 15 and is designed to help you focus on God and his will for your marriage.

Our returning leaders, Frank and Lorraine Koudelka, have seen God’s grace transform their marriage; they desire to help other couples experience the same transformative power in their own marriages. Whether your marriage is on the rocks, flourishing in every way, or just somewhere in the middle - consider applying to be a part of the You & Me Forever Marriage Group. If your marriage feels stuck, take proactive steps to “un-stuck” it. M arriage cannot move forward without taking steps. If this is your next step, take it.

Click the link below to view the full schedule and apply...

-Pastor Don