As we move into the "Giving Season" we dedicate this issue to Saxon/Hart, our cause marketing alliance founded by Heidi Burkhart as a way to bring awareness to and education of social issues and/or community initiatives through collaborations with national and local businesses.  

Saxon/Hart is our way to work together to "Give to Live. Live to Give" with our Dane PCG Team, clients,  friends & supporters.


Stonehenge Donates Retail Space for Saxon/Hart's #BlankCANCER Launch

Read more about the collaboration with Dane PCG and Stonehenge here.

Please see below for more on our president, Heidi Burhart, as Hero of Month with BeSeenGetScreened.

We are currently canvassing on behalf of our clients for properties that fill the below listed criteria.  Please note property type, location, and size.  Feel free to contact us with any properties filling the below criteria or contact us with your own property requests.

*  Project based properties in need of rehabilitation within 150 miles of the Hudson Valley, New York.

*  50+ unit properties in metropolitan New Jersey area with a specific focus on Atlantic County, Hudson County and Randolph County. 

*  Properties throughout Texas and Oklahoma over 100 units.

*  1031 Exchange. Interested in properties throughout California. Estimated equity of $32 million.

*  General Partner Interest in LIHTC properties currently in years 5-10 of initial compliance period over 200 units. Interested in opportunities nationwide.

The Dane PCG office can be reached at 212.575.1400 or contact us via email: 
Heidi Burkhart at Jason Knight at 


Heidi Burkhart, as a result of October's #BlankCANCER Event, with the Dane PCG and Saxon/Hart teams, was named HERO OF THE MONTH by Exact Sciences and is featured on their Blog BeSeenGetScreened.  

Exact Sciences is a molecular diagnostics company focused on colorectal cancer, whose mission is to empower patients and the colon cancer community with the most effective methods of detection to eradicate the disease and save lives.

Be Seen, Get Screened's Hero of the Month series highlights the work of inspiring individuals on the front line in the fight against colon cancer. In our latest Q&A, we talked to Heidi Burkhart, President of Saxon/Hart, a cause-driven marketing company, and Will Lanier, a personal trainer diagnosed with colon cancer at age 28.

Heidi's Saxon/Hart team started the #BlankCancer initiative, a campaign that has taken over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram in order to raise awareness and generate funding to assist cancer patients across the country simply by "filling in the blank." We had the opportunity to talk with both Heidi and Will about their #BlankCancer story. Be Seen, Get Screened: Can you tell us about your personal connection to colon cancer?


Heidi Burkhart: When Will Lanier approached me with the news that he had colon cancer, it was honestly the first time colorectal cancer really became present in my life. Immediately, as many know I do, I Googled to learn more about the condition. The more I researched and studied the topic, the more I became passionate about doing something bigger for, and with, Will.


Channel WDSI FOX61 in Chattanooga, TN aired the story of our 


campaign and ambassador, Austin Roden. 


Local Chattanooga television station WDSI FOX61 aired the story of Saxon/Hart, a New York based, cause marketing alliance, and how they teamed up with Austin Roden, a 24 year-old Chattanooga native battling brain cancer for the second time.


Saxon/Hart brought their Blank:CANCER campaign, initially launched in New York City in October, to Chattanooga where Mayor Andy Berke, declared November 7th to be Blank:CANCER Day.  

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SaxonHartCauses' "BlankCANCER Campaign" goes National with new Ambassador "Austin Roden."  Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke proclaims November 7th "BlankCANCER Day"

During one of his early weeks of chemo, as he scanned the Internet, Roden found a website for Saxon/Hart, a New York-based marketing company that specializes in promoting unique and inspirational causes. What caught his attention was a social media campaign entitled "#BlankCancer," which was set up to function as sort of a public service announcement to bring awareness and education for cancer patients.



Coach Takes Fight Against Cancer To New Heights



Austin Roden is teaming up with the for-profit group Saxon/Hart. Together they're using social media to reach as many people as they can to bring awareness to the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) population. 

Heidi Burkhart, Saxon/Hart President, and another team member from 

Saxon/Hart joined Austin and his girlfriend of four years, Leslie Hixson for Tuesday's skydive at Chattanooga Skydive Company

Follow Austin's journey or take part in his campaign by using #BlankCancer and following Austin on Instagram

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Quote of the Month . . .   

There's nothing better 

than discovering, 

to your own astonishment, 

what you're meant to do.  

It's like falling in love.

                                        -Mike Nichols

Dane PCG and Saxon/Hart are founded by Heidi Burkhart.


Dane PCG's platform is aimed to offer the highest quality brokerage and consulting service in the nationwide affordable housing community by creating a team consisting of the utmost respected, professional, knowledgeable, and ethical parties in our respective fields. We surround ourselves with the best in order to be the best. Give us a call today at (212) 575-1400, or browse our listings.

Saxon/Hart is a Cause Marketing Alliance that reinvests its net profits in direct impact giving initiatives. The entire Dane PCG team participates in these community outreach endeavors to further the giving-forward initiatives as noted in Dane's mission "Give to Live. Live to Give."  Visit our website.


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