"The Journey is the Reward"
                                                     - Steve Jobs

   Live For Today,  


Live For The Moment,  


                                          Live For You!


Let's Enter a New Year and Face New Challenges 

with a Renewed Sense of Strength, 

Confidence and Hope!


- the Dane PCG and SaxonHart Family

Dane PCG and Saxon/Hart are founded by Heidi Burkhart.


Dane PCG's platform is aimed to offer the highest quality brokerage and consulting service in the nationwide affordable housing community by creating a team consisting of the utmost respected, professional, knowledgeable, and ethical parties in our respective fields. We surround ourselves with the best in order to be the best. Give us a call today at (212) 575-1400, or browse our listings.

Saxon/Hart is a Cause Marketing Alliance that reinvests its net profits in direct impact giving initiatives. The entire Dane PCG team participates in these community outreach endeavors to further the giving-forward initiatives as noted in Dane's mission "Give to Live. Live to Give."  Visit our website.


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