Dane Professional Consulting Group is proud to announce that it has been retained as the exclusive agent in the sale of the following properties in Newark, New Jersey:
Livingston Homes & Somerset Homes
  • 100% Project Based Section 8
  • 120 total units across two properties located 0.5 miles from each other
  • Possible large redevelopment opportunity
Bruce Street Gardens
  • Extremely well-managed turnkey opportunity in prime University Heights location
  • LIHTC Property past year 15 of initial compliance period
  • 108 residential units and 1 commercial unit
  • Adjacent to Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences Campus
Please contact Heidi Burkhart (hburkhart@danepcg.com) and/or Peter Wallace (pwallace@danepcg.com) for more information regarding these opportunities or call our office at 212.575.1400. 

Dane PCG and Saxon/Hart are founded by Heidi Burkhart.

Dane PCG's platform is aimed to offer the highest quality brokerage and consulting service in the nationwide affordable housing community by creating a team consisting of the utmost respected, professional, knowledgeable, and ethical parties in our respective fields. We surround ourselves with the best in order to be the best. Give us a call today at (212) 575-1400, or browse our listings.
Saxon/Hart  is a production firm founded in 2013 as a vehicle to directly make a positive impact on a single person's life and inspire larger audiences through our social awareness campaigns, documentaries, initiatives, events and productions.  The overall mission is to create a movement of giving forward, giving to the single person, the family unit, the community, the world.  At Saxon/Hart, we like to call it DIG Marketing: Direct Impact Giving Marketing.  "Give to Live. Live to Give."  
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