DANE PCG sends out "Kudos & Thanks"  to some of our Affordable Housing Clients for the bigness and generosity of their hearts. Through their sponsorship, Saxon/Hart was able to host 12 children stricken with cancer and their families for a full day at Brooklyn's Barclay Center for the 2015 WWE Summer Slam. 
Thank you for the endless support from our Dane PCG clients and friends of our Saxon/Hart events:

Roberto Fata
* Ken Pagano
* Daniel Moritz
* David Barry
* Richard Pierce
* Brian Clayman
* Joel Gluck
* Duncan Barnett

You all are such wonderful hearts!

  Photo by Nicco Diaz

As part of Saxon/Hart's ongoing initiative, #BLANKCANCER™, we look for those that inspire us and are true Modern Day Super Heroes.  The children asked to attend Summer Slam with Saxon/Hart President, Heidi Burkhart, have been undergoing treatment at a prominent New York City Hospital.

 Photo by Nicco Diaz
"Life is made up of moments.  We wanted to give this moment to the children and their families - one that would last a lifetime," noted Ms. Burkhart.
Ms. Burkart and her team created the #BLANKCANCER™ campaign in 2014.  An interactive social media campaign to raise awareness and education to all forms of cancer.  Since launching the campaign, it has r eached international proportions with support coming from Brazil, The Netherlands, Australia and Ecuador.  One of the reasons Ms. Burkhart created this campaign is that we are all touched by cancer in some way. This campaign gives all a voice to the fight against cancer.
Knowing that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Ms. Burkhart reached out to these fighters as a way to encourage them to continue their battle and be the warriors that they are.
Ms. Burkhart and Saxon/Hart are hoping to make a loud noise with their campaign.  All are encouraged to add their voice to the cause by  printing a sign (found at, filling in the blank, talking a selfie and sharing across their social media channels, tagging @BLANKCANCER and utilizing the #BLANKCANCER hashtag.

Three New Exclusives coming soon!

If "Plan A" didn't work, the alphabet has 
25 more letters! Stay Cool.

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