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September 2021
Are you interested in providing a supplemental physical activity option for your DPP participants? 
Check out this opportunity to couple DPP with a no-cost, evidence-based, physical activity program, Walk with Ease
  • Walk with Ease (WWE) is ideal for participants who are new to physical activity, haven't been physically active in some time, and/or experience pain while being physically active. 
  • The WWE program equips participants with the tools and techniques they need to successfully build and maintain a walking program. 
  • The WWE program can be offered in 3 formats: 
  • Group (in-person 3x/week, instructor-led), 
  • Self-Directed (online, self-guided), or 
  • Self-Directed Enhanced (in-person and/or online engagements 1-2x/week, instructor-led). 
  • DPP participants can register for the Self-Directed version of the program and track their progress each week through this user-friendly registration portal.
  • DPP Lifestyle Coaches are also invited to become cross-trained as WWE leaders to offer Group or Self-Directed Enhanced programs if interested! 
  • Take a peek at this sample flyer for coupling DPP & WWE to learn more about how the two programs fit together. 
Contact Kristie Hicks at Kristie.hicks@dhhs.nc.gov or Nadia Z. Mazza at nmazza@unca.edu (NC Center for Health and Wellness at UNC Asheville) to learn more or become a WWE leader. 

New Personal Success Tool Modules
The Personal Success Tool (that coaches have come to know and love) now has new modules!

The Personal Success Tool (or PST) offers:

  • A collection of videos, quizzes, games, and resources to support participants in reaching their goals.
  • Free online tools that are easily accessible on a computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Ready-to-go resources designed to support PreventT2 and similar curricula.­­­­
Using the Personal Success Tool, coaches can send participants links to motivational modules that are tailored to each session and reinforce the program content in a timely way. And now there are even more modules:

Take a Fitness Break
Interactive tool to help participants get active in the moment.

Managing Stress
Shows participants healthy ways to cope with stress.
Coping with Triggers
Provides tips for avoiding or managing triggers that may lead to unhealthy eating.
Eat Well Away from Home
Tips for healthy eating at a restaurant or event.
When Weight Loss Stalls
Ways to pause and reflect on experiences and reset goals.
Get Back on Track
Solutions and encouragement to move forward if you have drifted from healthy habits.
Virtual DPP Resources
Although some DPPs were virtual pre-Covid, many of you did not foresee yourself delivering a DPP this way. However difficult, you found ways to make your DPPs thrive in a virtual space. Amidst these trying times, we have heard many success stories from DPPs around the state about how you are using your virtual platform to change lives!
We understand some DPPs who had resumed, or had hoped to resume, in-person learning are now moving back to a virtual platform.
Whether you are a pro, new at transitioning to a virtual platform, or maybe you are brand new, here are some tips and resources that can help you deliver a successful DPP in the virtual world.
DiabetesFreeNC has a page full of information and resources just for you!

The DiabetesFreeNC Lifestyle Coach landing page was created with Lifestyle Coaches and DPPs in mind to provide resources exclusively for North Carolina DPP Lifestyle Coaches.

On the DPP Landing Page You Can...

  • Share your DPP Class updates with the DPP Navigator to receive referrals.

  • Access previous e-newsletters.

  • Access Resources for CDC Recognized DPP organizations.

  • Watch previous Lifestyle Coach Webinars and register for upcoming webinars.

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