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January 2016
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The Yellow-Brick Road to Buying and Selling Real Estate

Happy 2016! Are you prepared for it?

We all remember the story about the young girl from Kansas who found herself in unfamiliar territory traveling a yellow brick road, right? The journey brought with it surprise after surprise - most of which were not good surprises - wasting so much adrenaline and time running from peril to peril. One must wonder how much more enjoyable and efficient that journey to find home could have been if someone had simply and clearly outlined the route for her and had given her the assistance she needed from the very beginning.

Can you imagine how nice and easy that could have been? Of course, there may have been no Hollywood blockbuster movie in our present day "bad news make good headlines" culture.

If my years as an athlete and coach taught me anything useful for today, it is that preparation is key. There is always an easy way and a tough way to get things done.

Frequently, the tough route includes doing things the wrong way resulting in being ill-prepared for optimal performance, and usually coming up short of our desired goals. Meanwhile the easy way entails training harder than necessary to perform at our best, irrespective of the quantity and intensity of outside challenges.

I was recently asked what makes me different from other Realtors. Here is my response: When I meet with a prospective client, I:
  • outline all the requirements for success in the sale and purchase of real estate;
  • introduce my clients to professionals who will help us cross the finish line successfully together;
  • manage the process all the way through; and
  • prepare my clients for the worst potential outcome, while also highlighting achievable end goals. 
Pr eparation is everything .

So, when my buyers reached settlement December 31st after we traveled their yellow brick road during a seven month contract, and the seller was plagued throughout by poor communication, my job was to prepare my clients for the best and the worst, and remind them of their goal until it was reached. They were prepared from start to finish. Mission accomplished.

If you prefer the route of a smooth real estate transaction - whether buying or selling - led by someone who is prepared for battle at every turn, then you know you can reach me to help you achieve your real estate goals.

Let information be the cornerstone of your #UrbanCastle to make you the most powerful consumer of real estate on the market!

- Brett
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As of January 7, 2016, DC boasts 1,054 properties actively on the market for sale. This excludes FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) and pocket listings. Here's a look at inventory by price range throughout the hot 20011 DC zip code, which includes 16th Street Heights, Brightwood, Crestwood, Petworth and the northern reaches of Columbia Heights, where there are currently 102 active properties:


$0 to $350k

(17 total units available)


$350k to $500k

(22 units available)


$500k to $800k

(50 units available)



(16 units available)


Not finding exactly what you're looking for in the selection of inventory in DC? Feel free to check out plenty of inventory throughout the DC Metro Area, or drop me a line to schedule a time to talk with you about your goals.




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