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September 23, 2020 (11:59 PM EST)
PLEASE NOTE: Northern and Eastern District Trustee's as well as the SSPD representative will appointed by the President. If you are interested in these positions, please contact Shannon Jacobs as soon as possible.
Candidates for President-Elect
Dr. Elizabeth Berry
I would like to get more involved in this organization. I have an academic background with numerous leadership roles. I believe the current leadership has done a wonderful job, and it would be an honor to continue in their legacy. I believe much is going on currently, and being a leader during this difficult time would be rewarding. My current academic role allows me the time to provide such leadership and I hope to serve those within Virginia in pediatric dentistry in the future.
Dr. Emily Rosenberg
Although 2020 has brought about significant changes in our profession, the importance of organized dentistry has remained. As we face the future, coming together is more important now than ever before. We need to ensure that we are providing the children of Virginia the safest care possible during the COVID-19 pandemic, that our practices have the foundation to weather financial uncertainty, and that our professional organizations are inclusive and committed to racial justice. As president of the VAPD, I will work to increase membership and participation through outreach to our colleagues across the state, organize relevant CE opportunities, and seek feedback from our membership on how the VAPD can better serve them in the coming year. I currently serve on the AAPD and VDA Council of Government Affairs and NVDS Executive Committee as Legislative Co-Chair. I am an associate pediatric dentist in a private practice in Falls Church, VA.
Candidate Secretary/Treasurer
Dr. Robert Lunka
I'm thankful for the VAPD, AAPD and residency for training me on public policy and advocacy. I've advocated on behalf of children on the state and national level alongside many wonderful individuals in these organizations. While in residency, I took additional courses through Virginia Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, and dedicated my master's thesis to improving the dental experiences for children and adults with special healthcare needs. I'll continue lobbying for the health of all children, while catering to the interests of those who treat them (YOU!). I've been involved with international and local dental service projects, been a member of several dental organizations, and acted as the SVDS's representative to the VDA's mentorship committee. I will continue serving our profession and children through advocacy. If elected, I'll work with the VDA to address concerns raised by our members, and ensure we have a voice in making change for the better.
Candidates District Trustee - WESTERN
Dr. Connor McCall
As a recent graduate and someone that believes in the importance of organized dentistry, it would be an honor to serve as the western district trustee. Looking out for the future of the profession is important to me. Although I am somewhat geographically isolated, serving in this position will allow for me to not only represent the area, but also communicate any pertinent information to pediatric dentists in the western district. I believe in staying connected and pledge to take the position seriously.
Dr. Karina Miller
It would be a privilege to serve and be a part of the team to advocate and promote oral health to the children in the Southwest Virginia/Roanoke Valley area. I have grown to love this area where I have been working for the past three years, directly serving the underserved children. I have always been involved in leadership positions in different environments during my life, which has helped to make me into a flexible and humble person, one who is able to adapt quickly to change, and always striving to communicate clearly and concisely. I would love to work together with the board, strengthening relationships between peers of this area, combining forces, and encouraging each other to always achieve a scientifically higher standard of practice and delivering an optimal overall care for our children.
Candidate for District Trustee - CENTRAL
Dr. David Voth
To assist the Virginia Academy of Pediatric Dentistry in carrying out the mission statement set forth by the presiding members and to continue the advancement of the Academy in a positive direction for the betterment of our patients and practice.
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