As some of you may be aware, last Saturday the software company that manages our appointment software has had a catastrophic failure with the cloud service that stores their data and the backup data for the program. As a result, we have absolutely no information about upcoming appointments at our office. As of this morning, data has been restored from 2016. Because of this, if you were a New Patient from then until now-we have NO RECORD of you in our system. Obviously, this is devastating to our practice. We are asking that all patients who have upcoming appointments in our office (regardless of the date of the appointment) please email us with the details of your appointments. Please tell us the date and time of your scheduled visit, who you are seeing, and what treatment you are having done. This will allow us to begin to piece together our appointment schedule going forward.

We ask for your patience during this trying period, as there will be mistakes and miscommunications due to this unprecedented situation. We will do our best to keep every appointment that is scheduled. For now, we are temporarily unable to schedule new appointments until we are able to recreate the current schedule of pending appointments. We are making every effort to avoid double booking any time slots, and the only way to ensure this for now is to postpone scheduling new appointments for a short period of time.

Please respond to this email and give us any information you have on your pending appointments with us by August 1st.
If we have not heard from you by this date please consider all appointments cancelled.

For the time being, we will ask you at each appointment to update your demographics and credit card information to get things current in your account.

We are so grateful for all of our wonderful patients. We are truly sorry that this has occurred and will do our best to resolve it as soon as possible. Please know that no personal information has been compromised. Credit card transactions are handled on a completely separate platform, so these are unaffected. We are thankful that we have continued to use paper charts, so we have complete information about any treatments you have had and services previously purchased. Rest assured that we will strive to have minimal disruption due to this event.

Janie Simmons MD and the Trinity team