Tour Captain Nat's Model Room
with Halsey and Maynard
If you've ever dreamed of getting a  personal tour of Captain Nat's model room by Halsey Herreshoff and Maynard Bray, here's the next best thing!

CLICK HERE to join Maynard and Halsey for your own private tour of the model room (without getting up from your favorite chair).  It's a fascinating look at the tools and techniques used by Captain Nat to design the boats that were built at HMCo with insights that only Halsey and Maynard can provide.  Must see TV for anyone interested in design, innovation or the history of the fastest boats on the planet.

Our friends at Off Center Harbor invite you to sign up to get instant access to Part 2 of this video series, plus you'll get 10 more of OCH's best videos.  We love them, and we're pretty sure you will too! is a great membership website for wooden boat enthusiasts with over 800 professional videos and articles on wooden boats (many of which are Herreshoff creations).
Herreshoff Marine Museum / America's Cup Hall of Fame
One Burnside St, Bristol RI