The "Tyranny of How"
Have you heard of this term?

The "tyranny of how."

I just stumbled upon it a few weeks ago and it rang true with me. So many of us, myself included, get caught up with the "how." It becomes so much about it that we then forego the why and the urgency of what we need to get done. Instead, we contemplate "how" it will work. We are not sure "how," so we get STUCK.

In estate planning, I see this all of the time. Many of my new clients are so caught up with whether they will need a Will or a Trust, that they get frozen in moving forward.

Really, it is not about a Will or a Trust--it is about the complete estate plan that we will put together for you based on your goals, needs, assets, family and your situation.

Leave the details to me as my ultimate goals are to avoid probate and protect your family. I want you to leave a beautiful legacy that is not just about an inheritance but it is about making decisions on behalf of your family so they won't need to. It is about not leaving your family with a mess to clean. It is about protection for your kids.

Let's not get stuck on "how" it will get done. Just trust that it will get done and you will feel better.
The "Learn With Lori" Series
In our next video installment, I decided to get to the basics. I get calls every week about property. When I ask who owns the house, it is crickets.

Most people do not know how they own their property. They also do not know how to pull deeds.

So, let's pull the deed now. It is easy to do in Florida.

Watch this video, pull your deed, download it and save it.

Watch closely--if you own property is it owned? Do you see the words "joint tenants with rights of survivorship" or do you see "husband and wife." If so, do you know what those ownerships means?

Questions? Email your deed to me and I will explain it.

Read this blog to get definitions of the different types of property and look at our video below.
Our mission is to give outstanding service to our clients through honesty, integrity, and creativity. 

Some pics from our recent signings. Happy faces!
Look what our clients are saying!
Randy Ziss
Professional, flexible and accommodating even under challenging circumstances. With Lori’s team, we were able to complete a very extensive Living Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Certificate and Trust with detailed advanced directives for a family member with advanced Lou Gehrig’s disease and unable to travel or even sign her name without extreme difficulty.

If I ever have to do this again-I would call on Lori Vella.
Eduardo Buller
Working with Lori Vella was great, she helped me record some deeds in FL. She was efficient and always responded any questions I had. I would totally recommend
Elaine Fowler
Quick to respond, and helpful too. Accommodating in difficult situations. Professional and respectful attorney and staff.

Assisted by helping us work through and understanding challenging issues, and situations we were to face, and have since we met.
Spotlight on Jessica
Say hello to Jessica! Jessica is our Client Relations Manager.

She takes care of our clients to make sure their needs get met and she also helps to raise awareness about what we do as a law firm.

Her latest goal is to teach Lori some Spanish-speaking skills before our firm retreat later this year. Good luck Jessica!!
I want more!
Did you already have your Discovery meeting and are interested in speaking with Lori on a more substantive call?
Have a legal strategy session about your estate planning, business, or probate matter.
or for a longer 45 minute meeting, use the following link:
"Zooming" with Professionals
We love these meetings with local professionals as they share their knowledge, tips, and experiences with our team.

We are learning so much and we are thankful to these local professionals for taking the time to give back.

Would you like to appear on our call?
We would love to hear from you.
Paige Michaelis
Real Estate Agent
Tess Zigo
Financial Advisor
Event at VISTA Gardens
Many of you know that Lori volunteers at VISTA organic gardens. VISTA is having a party so stop by to meet Lori and get a tour of the gardens. It is located in Carrollwood Village.

Take a look at their website here.
VISTA Gardens Celebrates!

VISTA will celebrate its history, its members,
and its success on Saturday, April 30 at 11:30 am.

Location:  13572 S Village Dr, Tampa, FL 33618

Refreshments will be served.

Everyone will have a chance to participate in a fundraiser raffle
for gift cards to Cepas, plus a silent auction for two
2021 Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup
commemorative bottles of bubbly.
Lori also donated Straz tickets to "The Band's Visit."

This event is open to the public and VISTA encourages
you to invite your families, kids, friends, and neighbors.
Lori's son at the garden.
Too busy to get your plan?
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Step 2: We will suggest a plan (we have three) for you and tell you the fees/costs.

Step 3: Reply with "APPROVED."

Step 4: Receive your finished documents!

If you want to do your planning, but just cannot find the time, let us help you out by getting on the FAST TRACK!
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New York:
Wishing you a happy holiday weekend.

I hope you get to spend time with friends and loved ones.

Talk soon and wishing you the best,

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