Thanks to the Guardians Of Heritage, The Liberated Minds Family, Our Amazing Elders, Parents, and the Community Who Showed Up And Supported Our Youth!  

No worries! If you missed it,

Here Is The Recording

Absolutely Blacknificent!

Yesterday, The Black Intelligence Agency & Antar Studios Presented...

2 Power Presentations that brought ATTENTION and INTENTION regarding

Black Safety, Awareness, and Empowerment!

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Power Over Police Brutality:

Purpose, Power & Perseverance

Ahsir Asar

Founder & Director of

The Black Intelligence Agency

Ahsir Asar is 12 years old and enjoys homeschooling, spending time with family and friends, studying Afrikan history, building with Legos, analyzing military strategies, and learning about different forms of martial arts. He is a pilot in training, a drawing artist and musician that plays the trumpet and the djembe, an avid reader, photographer, and land developer that likes to research and implement economic ways to build profitable businesses that raise capital and consciousness.

In 2020, he founded the Black Intelligence Agency (BIA), which is a membership youth organization that functions as a power team of serious-minded Afrikan children to function as the youth international security of Afrikan people throughout the diaspora. They achieve this active form of making change through a blend of Afrikan studies, physical conditioning, metaphysics, inner operations, and community outreach.


A Community's Response To Violence:

A retrospective view on how a community in Brooklyn banded together to reclaim the safety of their environment

Fahiem Jenkins 

Founder & Creative Director of

Antar Studios

Fahiem Jenkins is the creative director of Antar Studios. He became interested in media production after taking a class with BRIC through a community program to get children engaged in media. Fahiem is a freshman in high school. He enjoys playing soccer, cooking, gaming, and spending time with his family. He is also a co-creator of an app called Quest Up located in the Apple App Store.

Special Thanks To The Guardians Of Heritage For Their Vision, Support, And Dedication!

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