Dear Vision Members,

We are excited to announce we are reopening this Monday, August 24th at 5:00am!!!
We have missed our members and have been working hard to get ready to welcome you back!
Because exercise is essential for both mental and physical well-being, it is especially important now to help reduce stress, prevent weight gain, and boost the immune system. Let’s get back to making ourselves healthy!

As it has always been, the safety of our Members and Staff continues to be a priority for us.  Throughout these past months, Vision has been working on a comprehensive reopening strategy. This plan builds upon our already recognized high standard of safety and cleanliness. Now we are raising our standards even higher as we comply with governmental guidelines which incorporate even more extensive cleaning protocols. Additionally, to keep you safe, we have increased the size of our cleaning/maintenance staffs to allow us to fully support the extensive health and safety protocols we have put in place.

Here is some information that we think will help you as you prepare to return:
Club Hours have been temporarily adjusted to allow for deep cleaning:

Mon-Fri : 5:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday : 8:00am - 6:00pm
Sunday : 8:00am - 3:00pm
Childcare & YFZ – Closed
  • Due to NY guidelines, Members will be required to check in and out of the facility so we can track our occupancy, which has been limited to 33% of maximum capacity. This system will enable us to keep us at our allowable 175-member limit
  • Reservations are not required. If this becomes an issue, we will adjust our policy accordingly.
  • We are limiting workout times to 90-minute sessions in the gym. If we have a wait to get into the facility, we will ask the members that have exceeded the 90-minute time to wrap up their workout to accommodate waiting members. We do not believe this will be problematic based on our historical check-in data.
  • Masks are always required to be worn by staff and members while in the facility. (Bandanas, buffs, and gaiters are not acceptable face coverings according to OSHA guidelines for gyms)
  • Members will be required to complete a health screening daily, which requires answering 4 questions prior to checking in. (We have staged this Covid-19 Clearance area with 4 computers in our lounge)
  • Cardio equipment has been moved throughout the facility to allow for 6 feet social distancing between equipment. Both the Sports Zone and Youth Fit Zone now have cardio equipment for member use.
  • The facility has added floor stickers and signage to remind members to maintain 6 feet social distancing. (Spotting must be conducted within the least amount of time possible)
Vision Staff has been deep cleaning, disinfecting, and making repairs throughout the facility.

  • Disinfectants that meet the EPA’s criteria and have been designated effective for use against COVID-19 virus will be utilized within the facility. Our staff will be using electrostatic handheld sprayers with anti-microbial and anti-static properties to kill harmful pathogens and apply a barrier of protection against contaminants.
  • 18 Self-Cleaning stations have been added throughout the facility with spray bottles containing a disinfectant solution with the safest EPA toxicity rating which has been approved by the EPA and is proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.
  • Additional hand-sanitizing stations have been added throughout the facility.
  • 10 Additional Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers have been added throughout the facility.
  • Members will be required to wipe down their equipment before and after use. Signs will be posted throughout the facility to remind members to wipe down equipment. This is mandatory for anyone using equipment.
  • We will regularly disinfect all shared surfaces.
  • Masks will be worn by all Front Desk and Operations staff. Juicebar staff will also wear gloves (as they always have) and change them for each order.
  • Plexiglass barriers have been installed as a barrier at Juicebar payment area and sales kiosks.
  • GX classes will resume in the facility on Monday, August 31st Schedule to be announced next week. Classes will include varied formats including Spin, Strength/Cardio and Yoga/Pilates.
  • Class sizes have been reduced to accommodate for proper spacing. GX rooms and Ballet Barres have been marked for participant spots for adequate social distancing.
  • Yoga/Pilates will be moved to the Upper Sports Zone to allow for more space. Serenity Yoga Room will have a 4-person occupancy and will be used for private yoga/pilates sessions. 
  • Zoom GX classes will only be available to active Vision members effective August 31st. We will send a detailed schedule and information on remote classes next week.
  • No hands-on adjustments will occur during GX classes.
  • Members will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering GX rooms.
  • All equipment will be left on the floor for our cleaning staff to disinfect with our electrostatic cleaners after classes.
  • Training and Nutrition programs are available.
  • Trainers will use our EPA-registered virus-killing disinfectant on each piece of equipment before and after each use.
  • We will eliminate any physical contact during training sessions.
  •  Additional protocols can be discussed privately with your trainer or Mary. Mary Mileo, Director of Personal Training & Nutrition or 845-517-1415
  • Active Members have had a 2-week monetary credit placed on their account for unused time in March during the mandated close. This credit will be applied once we begin processing membership dues next week, on or about August 27th.
  • August membership dues will be prorated for 8 days of membership. 
  • A one-time $20 PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) fee will be charged to all active members on or about August August 27th. Please understand we have and will continue to spend a significant amount of money to fulfill all the new mandated safety protocols.
  • No Billing was processed during our 5-month close.
  • Prepaid memberships will have 2 weeks added to their reactivation date for time missed in March.
  • Members holding a 12-month contract will have their obligation dates extended by 5 months to account for our time closed.
  • Members are permitted to freeze their membership, at no additional cost, for 2 consecutive months per calendar year. The period which Vision was mandated by the state to close has no impact on membership freezes. That period is considered an automatic pause.

Should you have any questions with regard to your membership, please contact Billing questions can be directed to Brandon Von Holt at or 845-517-1460
Electrostatic handheld sprayers with anti-microbial and anti-static properties to kill harmful pathogens and apply a barrier of protection against contaminants.
10 Additional Sanitizing Wipe Dispensers have been added.
18 Self-Cleaning stations.
Additional hand-sanitizing stations.
GroupX classes will resume on Monday, August 31st
Class sizes have been reduced.
Yoga/Pilates will be moved to the Upper Sports Zone.
These have been strange and difficult times for us all, but we’ve made it through! Vision is now turning toward the future and looking forward to new ways to help you stay fit and healthy. We are looking forward to seeing you back at Vision!

MONDAY 8/24- Upper Body with Mary at 10am has been canceled.
11am Yoga - Julie

10:45am Yoga - Rose

9am Pilates - Heather
10am Upper Body (canceled 8/24)
12pm Total Body - Eric
4pm Yoga - Donna
6pm Cardio Box - Andre
9am Barre - Heather
10am Abs - Mary
11am Pilates - Rose
12pm Total Body - Eric
5:30pm Cardio Dance Stephanie

8:30am Cardio Kick - Heather
10:45am Yoga - Donna
12pm Toning - Eric
5:30pm Cardio Dance - Aimee
7:45am Core - Tiffany
9am Barre - Heather
10am Tabata - Rose
12pm Fit45 - Eric
5:30pm Piloxing - Heather
6:30pm CoreConditioning - Eric

8:30am Zumba - Heather
9:15 Pilates - Heather
10:15am BootyCircuit - Mary
12pm Toning - Eric
6pm Cardio Box - Andre
THANK YOU to our amazing Zoom instructors who kept us healthy at home unpaid to support Vision & our members.
BIG SHOUT OUT to Mary, Heather, Eric, Julie Holmsen, Rose, Grace, Donna K, Tiffany, Donna H, Andre, Stephanie, Aimee and Melissa for being a part of Zoom and keeping people motivated and fit during a REALLY tough time in everyone’s lives.
You ladies and gentlemen are truly AWESOME!!!!