Hosting Veterans' First Coaching Certification Training Workshop 
 on June 13 & 14 in Houston!

CDR Assessment Group, Inc. and Lone Star Veterans Association are excited to be hosting the first "Vets Coaching Vets" Career Coaching Certification Workshop on June 13 & 14th in Houston.   So far, enrolled in certification are representatives from these Veteran groups: 
  • Lone Star Veterans Association   
  • Impact a Hero  
  • VEL Institute  
  • Veterans Campaign  
  • Nextop Veterans   
These services are being provided at no cost to participating Veterans.   
To help Veterans quickly move onto career tracks and jobs that are best matched to their own inherent capabilities and needs to assure sustained success and personal fulfillment.


We welcome corporate sponsors and partners, career transition training professionals, career & executive coaches, and Veterans' groups and entrepreneurial support service organizations to join us as we build and expand this valuable program.  

Vets Coaching Vets welcomes your support and tax deductible donations which can be made with Lone Star Veterans Association.   To learn more about getting involved with Vets Coaching Vets, please contact:
Christine Klatt at 918-600-5728 or email:   [email protected] or 
Kevin Doffing at LSVA at (713) 449-0655 or at:  [email protected]

"Leading with Vision"
A must read book!

There is a reason why Jim Kouzes, Marshall Goldsmith, Frances Hesselbein, among other leadership development gurus, are recommending Bonnie Hagemann, Simon Vetter and John Maketa's new book, "Leading with Vision." The reason is that this book is a  must read for every executive and aspiring leader. 

Creating a compelling vision is a steep challenge for most executives.  That is -- until now.  This book lays out a practical road map to help leaders formulate their own clear and inspiring vision. The authors describe that

"Leading with vision means looking ahead to what could be and what should be, and then finding a way to connect powerfully with the people who can get you there." 
Frequently, leaders who tend to be more naturally operationally oriented (or in assessment terms, those who have mid to higher Prudence with lower Inquisitive scores) struggle most with formulating a compelling vision because it seems like such a nebulous or abstract quest.  This book will especially help these practical leaders make sense by clearing the "fog" away (as described by the authors.)

Simon Vetter and Bonnie Hagemann are colleagues of mine as members of The Alexcel Group.  In addition to Simon's highly successful executive coaching practice, he has also served as a CDR Certified Executive coach for nearly a decade, coaching some of our global clients. Bonnie, also a rare leadership development expert, serves as CEO of Executive Development Associates whose team provides top tier executive coaching and custom consulting services.  Both are not only great thinkers and practice leaders, they are also what I like to refer to as salt of the earth people.  While wildly talented, they are grounded, trustworthy and driven to help others succeed.

"Leading With Vision" is being released May 16, 2017 and you can order your copy today here on Amazon
Written by:  Nancy Parsons, President, CDR Assessment Group, Inc.