Video 5 of 5 Series: Q & A with Ron Huxley, LMFT
In the last video of our 5-part virtual series Parent Connection Coach and Educator Ron Huxley , L.M.F.T., answers questions to assist families in building resilience and expanding their stress toolbox.
We hope you learned something new and gained confidence in managing anxiety. We encourage you to reach out to our Parent Coaches if you have more questions. Give us a call at 805-543-3700 to schedule your free & confidential parent coaching session today.
Ron Huxley, LMFT
Ron Huxley has over 30 years experience helping families heal and serves as a parent coach and educator with Parent Connection of San Luis Obispo County. In his capacity as a parent coach, Ron specializes in working with families who've experienced trauma. He believes in taking a strength-based approach that builds on solutions and he creates strategies that fit each family situation in the shortest time necessary.  

Ron Huxley is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist providing trauma-informed therapy for individuals and families. Currently practicing on the Central Coast of California, Ron travels internationally educating parents and professionals on trauma-informed care.
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