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A New Year!  Yippee!  More opportunities for fun!  This time, in this Edition of the HPC Video Ezine you'll get to see the dogs play and learn what play looks like.  

We've noticed that some of you may not be aware of the video in our newsletters.  Simply scroll down to the section titled 'This Week's Inside Peek' and click on the picture with the play button in the middle to see what we're talking about.

By the way, for past Video's, visit our youtube channel to see what's going on there.

A Personal Note from Cheryl
Main Level Daycare Playroom
with Tinkerbell and Baxter

Today is the beginning of our new year.  By now, most of our 'Winter Break Pups' have gone home, and everyone is getting back into their regular routine.  We had an incredible time this Holiday Season, and really  enjoyed interacting with you on our  Like us on Facebookacebook page.  Glad you checked in to see what we captured throughout the Season, and thanks for all the 'Likes' and the comments.

With a new year comes a time for many to make new commitments.  You may promise yourself to go to the gym more often, or to take more time just for you.  Getting into a new routine, or getting back into the regular routine after having time off, can bring up stresses. We're here to help make things easier.   Daycare is a great option for your dog.  While you get time for yourself, your pup gets time to socialize and exercise too (psst, without you always having to be the one to do it)!

This week we're focussing on the features of Dog Daycare.  In the article below, entitled Dog Daycare, you'll discover ways to make your busy life easier.  Learn about the benefits to both you, and your pup, by having Daycare in their regular routine. In the Video, see what the dogs get to do while you're at work in the day.  I'm sure you'll be intrigued, and entertained.  So read on because you'll also find out how to get a discount on Daycare - this edition's featured service. 

 A quick, and gratitude-filled 'Thank You' for your referrals. Friendly new playmates are always welcome and are a perfect addition to our Daycare Pack.  Thank you for sharing us with those that you know who could benefit from our services.

Tickled that so many of you loved our first Video Ezine, and thrilled that you enjoyed meeting the staff in our Holiday Greeting Ezine. Thanks for all the encouraging feedback.  Keep it coming 'cause these videos are for you!


     Cheryl Orletsky, DogGuru and Founder & Director of Holiday Pet Care


P.S. Sending love to our many regular Daycare Clients.  You're part of our family that we get to see everyday.  We greet your happy (and sometimes sleepy) faces in the mornings.  And when you come to pick up your tired bundle, we get to hear how your day went. An awesome relationship, I'd say!  

This Week's Holiday Pet Care Video: An Inside Peek into Daycare 


This Week's Inside Peek is all about Daycare. Dogs are social creatures and this time you get to see all the fun and exercise they get, when they come to Daycare.    


Watch some of our best wrestling matches, and learn as Cheryl describes what exactly constitutes play Play can look like fighting, yet there are some very distinct differences.  Today you will learn the language of proper dog play.  Check out this week's doggie stars, which include: C.C., Jackson, Nova, Tae Bo, Mocha, Matty, Lola, Clooney, Curly, Weldin, Bella and more. 


CLICK to PLAY the video below and enjoy the fun that happens at Holiday Pet Care. 

Why Dog Daycare?
Why Dog Daycare?

Stay tuned!  Even more furry-footage to come, in our next Ezine, January 20th, 2012.   


In the meantime, for the latest info (and some pretty adorable pictures as well), visit our Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook 

Cheryl Recommends... Dog Daycare

Dogs playing tug   

Why Daycare?    


Do you already use us for Boarding, because of our unique Cagefree approach to Dog Boarding?  Ever considered using us during the day for Daycare?  



Here are some suggestions of times when Dog Daycare could make life easier for you:


  • It's simply too cold or rainy outside and you don't want to walk your dog
  • You have a long day, and would love to come home and relax WITH your dog.
  • You have guests coming over who are either afraid of dogs or are allergic to dogs.   
  • You are having painting, repairs, or renovations done on your house.
  • You have your house for sale, and have showings scheduled throughout the day. 
  • Your Realtor has scheduled an Open House
  • You are not feeling well, and are not up to exercising your pup.
  • Your dog could benefit from some regular socializing, especially because there are less pups in the park in the cold/rainy weather (that's because they're all at Daycare!!!)   


Your dog knows that Daycare is great, if only they could tell you about the benefits for them, and the freeing up time and energy for you!


Here's an incentive:


If you've never tried Daycare before: Enjoy One Day of Daycare at Half Price.  

If you are already set up as a Boarding Client: Give us a call, leave a voicemail, or email us.  Tell us which days you want to bring your dog.  Diane will be happy to assist you between the hours of 7am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.


If your dog has attended daycare before, you are still entitled to purchase one package of any size at a 5% discount.  Please quote coupon code: 2012DC5 at time of payment.  Again, please arrange with Diane at her hours listed above. 


New Clients, who have never used our services, must first book an initial Meet & Greet appointment. 


Client Spotlight  

Holiday Pet Care is a 2nd home for My Golden boy Kody, who has been a happy guest at Holiday Pet Care since he was a puppy, over 12 years ago.  He has spent some amazing doggie times there - overnight, and also just during the day.

Kody is now joined by his little Golden sister, Georgia, who can't wait to play with all her furry friends.

Cheryl, who I have known since the start of Holiday Pet Care, and her wonderful staff, including Diane, have always been very professional and loving with my dogs.  Most importantly, the dogs have always been taken care of really well. I never had to worry while I was gone. Best of all, Holiday Pet Care is not too far away from home. I love the flexibility of being able to drop Kody off for a quick romp around for an hour or two.

I would recommend Holiday Pet Care to anybody who is looking for quality doggie day care.

-Nora S.-

Kody the GoldenGeorgia the Golden

What's Happening...


Upcoming Events for Holiday Pet Care and DogGuru:

Volunteer Training Session:
Thursday, January 12th, 6:30 to 8:30pm
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Pet First Aid Certificate Course

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Barks n' Rec, 1590 Matheson Blvd. Unit 8  

Mississauga, Ontario

Instructor: Cheryl the DogGuru (Founder/Director of HPC)   

For more information and to Register, Click Here 



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