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Welcome to the Holiday Edition of the HPC Video Ezine

We are thrilled to continue to bring this new format to you, letting you peek inside Holiday Pet Care every couple of weeks.  We've got lots of great stuff planned to share with you.  Please join in by letting us know what you want to see.  That would be awesome!  Send us your suggestions and your questions via our facebook page or on youtube.  Some weeks will be completely devoted to answering fan mail.

A Personal Note from Cheryl
Cheryl, Tracy and Delilah
Cheryl (Founder & Director) and Tracy (Creative Director) with Delilah

So what have we been doing in the past couple of weeks?  Well there's last minute prep, and getting the staff and volunteers primed and ready for the arrival of our 'Winter Break Pups'.  Every holiday season we get to see all the furry, and human, faces that, perhaps, we haven't seen throughout the year, so we get extra excited at this time of year

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A very warm thank you for the fantastic festive gifts we have received. Your generousity is truly appreciated. Chocolate treats may not be the ideal gift for dogs, but they are perfect for the staff!   Nothing like a sugar-high to keep them extra cheery through the season!

I have to say it, we have the best clients!...and not just because of the treats ;-).  Everyday I am reminded of how fortunate we are as a business. We really do appreciate that you chose us so thank you for your enthusiasm as you 'share the word' about how much your pets love our care!  We love being part of such a wonderful pet-loving community. I am really jazzed about the potential and the possibilities that lie ahead - how many new and different ways can we help pet families?

It's so awesome that so many of you loved our first Video Ezine. Thanks for all the kudos and encouraging feedback.  Keep it coming.  These videos are for you!

Enjoy this issue of our Video Ezine.  This time we wanted you to meet the staff (and a few more of the pups) as they introduce themselves and wish you Happy Holidays.


All the best to you, and those who are dear to you.   

Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! 


We'll 'see' you in 2012!



This Week's Inside Peek 


Welcome to our Holiday Greetings edition of an Inside Peek of HPC. 


Besides the people you always see at the Front Desk, ever wonder who else is taking care of your fur-family? This week's Ezine answers that question. And, of course, there'll be more cameo appearances from several of our Guests in the Playrooms - including Bubbie, Tinkerbell (she's become quite the celebra-dog), Skittles, Calie, Jasper, and a few more.


Our staff love their jobs! ...and we know that having happy staff, means better care for your pets, so go ahead, click play on the video below and meet the proud staff of Holiday Pet Care ...     


Happy Holidays from Holiday Pet Care - Dog Daycare, Cagefree Dog Boarding
Happy Holidays from Holiday Pet Care

Stay tuned!  Even more furry-footage to come, in our next Ezine, January 6th, 2012.   


In the meantime, for the latest info (and some pretty adorable pictures as well), visit our Facebook page.  Like us on Facebook 

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DogGuru Pet First Aid offers a solid, experience-based Pet First Aid Certificate course for both dog and cat owners and Pet Care Professionals.


This Veterinarian-approved Certificate Course was developed in 2007 with the goal of bringing a more 'reality-based' approach to Pet First Aid.  Cheryl Orletsky, known as the DogGuru, is also the Founder/Director of Holiday Pet Care, a highly successful cagefree boarding and dog daycare facility in Thornhill.  Through her experience with thousands and thousands of pets, over the past two decades, she saw the need for a course that addressed the real side of what people face every day with their pets.  This Pet First Aid course, that she helped develop, is now a leader in the world of educating Professionals about how to care for their clients pets, and in giving pet parents 'peace-of-mind' that they know what to do.


DogGuru Pet First Aid is in it's infancy of growth, yet we have established a clear reputation in the Ontario Pet Care Community as providing a down-to-earth, yet entertaining education on both preventative care, maintenance care (including naturopathic methods) and of course, emergency care. 



In This Pet First Aid Course You Will Learn:
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  • How to recognize and manage medical conditions/potential emergencies - seizures, diabetes, heat exhaustion, hypothermia, bloat, shock, poisoning, parasites; breathing emergencies such as choking, and how to perform artificial respiration and CPR
  • How to properly restrain and stabilize an injured pet until qualified veterinary care can be obtained 

    You will practice bandaging, and other techniques on stuffed toy animals, as well as on live animals.



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Client Spotlight
Tim Tam enjoying his time in the Playroom

My little Shih Tzu loves going to Holiday Pet Care.
On the days he knows he is going to doggie day camp, he gets so excited, he can't wait to get in the car.

He has so much fun socializing with his four-legged friends, that sometimes he is reluctant to leave when I pick him up in the evenings.

I love the fact that the staff are wonderful with the dogs, and the facility is safe and secure. I take comfort knowing that he will be well taken care of, and I will have a happy and tired little doggy to take home.   

-Michelle P.-


Holiday Pet Care Volunteer Program


Back by popular demand, here are more opportunities to get involved in the Volunteer Training Program.

Next Sessions:
Tuesday, December 27th, 5 to 7pm  Register Here
Thursday, January 12th, 6:30 to 8:30pm  Register Here


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