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Transforming Lives Through the Power of the Human Voice

[Volume 2, Issue 51, December 19, 2012]

Songwriters are able to move with grace between many worlds. They capture rhythms and tones and slip into the warm tea before it slides down their throat to warm their hearts. They start, where everything starts. With the breath. And then they begin to breathe life into space.

It is actually a crazy job to have. Take breath and make it sound, take breath and form sound to words. Take breath and consciously touch people, move people through those words.

But What should we do when our writing seems as stale as the old baguette in the bread
box? When writing a song try something like this ...  





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Written by Kara Johnstad


Kara Johnstad lyrics
Candles lit,
Hildegard Bingen is moving through the room and i just got back from the
snowy markets of Berlin and bought an armful of fresh pine branches wrapped in
yesterday's paper.

should we do when our writing seems as stale as the old baguette in the bread

Try as
we may to add a few adjectives and adverbs, we feel stuck.

One of
the most important things to remember while writing is the beginners mind.

beginners mind knows no about.

I am
writing a story about a dog. I am writing a song about my first love.

beginners mind is not about describing what love is. The beginners mind is
fresh in experience.

senses are perked.

are able to move with grace between many worlds. They capture rhythms and tones
and slip into the warm tea before it slides down their throat to warm their
hearts. They start, where everything starts. With the breath. And then they
begin to breathe life into space.

It is
actually a crazy job to have. Take breath and make it sound, take breath and
form sound to words. Take breath and consciously touch people, move people through those words.

again.. show, don't tell.

tell us about any of the big words, love, truth, anger, sorrow, hate, justice.

with us the inside of a story and we will come to the same conclusion as you.

example when you experience falling in love, you may have moments of laughter
and joy and doubt and fear all at the same time. It is all there. Many songs
only talk about the ecstasy, few are honest enough to share with us the bitter

nervousness. The doubts that creep in.

explain it. Show it.

are you? Is it winter or summer? How is the sky? What do you see? Are you
walking towards him or are you walking side by side? Is there traffic passing
or are you standing underneath an old bridge?

Are you
struggling to find words? Do you stutter? How does he smell? Calvin Klein?
Eau de Cologne?

He reaches out, is his touch firm? Soft? Does he grab you? Or, does he
talk and talk and talk and you wait for the moment of knowingness. In which
direction is this thing going?

are you listening to? Wind? Noises in a restaurant? Are you in a bus? A
rehearsal room? Are bombs falling?

you write stories and songs, stay in direct connection with the senses and what
you are writing about.

how your mind flashes the first time before the comments and critics walk into
the room.

first flashes and words are usually the ones that reflect like a mirror,

The emotions are
formed by our identification to them. By our belief systems.

If you
write from this space, your audience can identify from their own experience and
not borrow yours. Who wants a borrowed love affair, a borrowed moment.

Kara Johnstad lyrics

We want our audience to listen and feel like it could be them
that is stepping out of the bathtub.

Warm Bath Water
Reflecting candle flame
Cool still

My body still chilled
I relax into the wetness
Surrounding me...
- Excerpts from my song "Beloved"

When I read
the word "about" in one of my clients writing, my ears perk and an inner alarm goes off.

Skip that 
"I love you because you are so nice. How you touch me is so great. This is my love song for you."

Instead, try something like this:

Kara Johnstad lyrics
Sticking to my skin
Air sweet as honey
Seems kind of funny
To be tickled from within
In the night of no moon
When all the stars disappear
Our breath echoes story of love
And I draw you near
- Excerpt from my song "Seems Natural"
Images trickle down my veins
a symphony of
hot desert sands
and distant lands
hand carved stone, and buried bones
of water falls, and hanging trees
and little birds that sing to thee
of cuckoos call
and sycamores tall
and caverns dark
and one small spark
as we're carried                            
to the edge of time
and then beyond ...
beyond the time
more than one, less than two  
More than one, less than two.
Now when you write more than one less than two, is there any doubt in anyone's mind that these two souls are deeply merged?

Of course once in awhile you might need to go into second or third person or make a comment or two. 
Dare to enter the story and take us into it.
If the song is boring,
it is normally because we have not dared to walk inside of it.
We are explaining it, talk about it, talking about how we lived it, but we are not breathing life into it.

A splash here and there of general statements can be appropriate. Don't be hard on yourself if they enter onto the page. One or two concrete lines help to anchor a song and gives it often the "hook" line.

Just make sure to back it up with sensory imagery and pictures so that it touches on deeper levels.

Breathe life into it. Come from a place of "No Mind". Innocent and pure. Of neutrality where all the senses are alive.
Please do ocean me
Take me out to sea
Where the gulls do dip and dive
Leave your footprints on my beach
Savor this ripe peach
Nietzsche is dead
Yet God is so alive

And I'm curious,
Ever so curious
Where you would go if you would travel in me.
- Excerpt from my song "Journey Me Home" Kara Johnstad
We are open, absorbing with all our senses and simply reflecting the space that we are in.
Kara Johnstad lyrics
Breathing life into words, 
words into song, 
songs into life.
We are all connected through breath and our stories.

Enjoy exploring  and being deeply embedded inside the songs you write.

 Stay gold. 






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Thank you, as always, for tuning in, reading and contributing.




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"As we float our spirits kiss the fullness of the moon"   
Kara Johnstad 

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 music and lyrics by Kara Johnstad / design by Linda Gavin  



I don't remember being born and I have yet to die. And yet I do remember that moment where the two collided. Life and death that is. They were only a heartbeat away. Only one blink slowed, and the eyes no longer opened. I was given this song to keep me breathing. 


The only hope you have is to fill it up with poetry and song
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Kara Johnstad is creative visionary, transformational catalyst and a powerfuvoice in the time and age of transition. She is a singer / songwriter, creator of the Voice Your Essence Radio Show , and founder of the Voice Your Essence Community.


Leading change agents, healers, personal development speakers and others recognize her as being a unique source of powerful truth and wisdom. As a top voice expert she has helped thousands with her "break-through" voice techniques and shares with us the secrets behind this powerful instrument and the role the human voice plays in fine tuning our Mind-Body-Spirit systems.

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