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Do you feel like it's Groundhog Day, everyday?  Do you want to get 'unstuck'?  Then this Voicegram is for you!


 I think the world would be a much happier place if people learned how to recognize that they are suffering from stifled creativity!  Yes!  If you feel that it's time to rediscover your 'fingerpainting' skills or shake up your life a bit, then read this article!  It may just be what you need to get out there and 'go fly a kite!'  



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Beth Lawrence


Escaping the Cul-de-Sac!   

Finding the Fire that Fuels Your World! 
�2012 Beth Lawrence 

I've thought a lot lately about the journey we take in life, and how many former children, now turned adults, end up in a cul-de-sac wondering how in the heck they got there!  When does it happen that we suddenly wake up and it's Groundhog Day all over again, today, yesterday, tomorrow?  I'm continually left wondering why, in this extravagantly rich world we live in, so many people are bored, depressed, tired, uninspired --- stuck in a lonely cul-de-sac without being able to see a way out.

I 'teach voice', but I don't really 'teach voice'.  What I've come to know is that I help people to open up to their own creative, youthful soul that just yearns to come out and play!  And trust me, no matter how lethargic, no matter how unenthused, no matter how hardened a person may appear, inside that dreary shell is a laughing child that wants to fly a kite, play in the dirt, and tell stories around a crackling campfire!

Have you ever seen fireflies in the summer?  If so, you'll admit that something magical stirred inside you - something childlike, something mystical.  It was as if your logical, adult brain suddenly opened up and actually wondered at a belief in Fairies.  It's my opinion that we all have a bit of that free-spirited Fairy stuck inside of us - an invisible appendage left over from our earliest days as children - that has withered and waned until it's beautiful light is imperceptible to us.  And then we see a double rainbow that fills the sky; or a flock of geese flying South above our heads; or chance to see the ocean's Red Tide crashing with bright blue fluorescent waves.  That's when something stirs in our soul and we are transcended into that childlike world we used to inhabit when all things were possible, and fireflies were routine.

What does it take to get back in touch with that little, fanciful person we used to be?  How do you exit the cul-de-sac at full speed and jettison back into a life of wonder?  Is it possible to live in the everyday world, yet float above it like a butterfly?  I think it's probably as easy as deciding.  Choosing to take time each day to be a kid again would be a good place to start.  When was the last time you  laid in the warm, summer grass looking up at the clouds?  Have you seen the milky way lately?  What about putting on your favorite music and just dancing to it?  Do you feel too old to do that?  There you go - that's the problem!  You're never too old to feel young again, you simply have to choose it.

Oh.  But it's responsibilities that keep you stuck in that darned wheel of repetitive drudgery, eh?  Whatever happened to 'being responsible for your own happiness'?  If you aren't happy, no one else around you is happy!  We have come so far from living with childlike abandon that it can be difficult to even remember what used to make us happy!  You've been stuck in the cul-de-sac dead end so long that you've forgotten that there is anything else.

What most of this boils down to in my estimation, based on working with adults who want to sing or write a song after years of putting that on the shelf - is stifled creativity!  We are creative, playful sea otters swimming in a world of cubicles and punch cards!  We have deadlines, mortgages to pay, car payments to make. When we become adults, making adult decisions, that beautiful, spontaneous life-light begins to dim.  We stop doing all those natural things we used to love because we don't have time - they're impractical.  And because there's no more room for creative fun in our lives the force that used to drive us goes to sleep.  It slumbers there until finally, we can't stand one more groundhog day.  We dust off that old guitar; sing in a choir; start writing poetry again.  And so it begins.....

The hardened armor begins to crack.  We laugh, we sing, we dance - we rediscover a part of ourselves that has been lost for far too long.  We begin to breathe again, and in breathing we open up to new possibilities, new adventures, a life filled with more energy, more friends, more fun.

To see the change in people as they take that first gasp of creative air is beyond fulfilling.  You can feel the joy just spilling out of their hearts!  They are so grateful, so overwhelmed at finding that lost part of themselves that it is many times a very emotional revelation for them.  Watching the process, I almost feel as though they have sprouted wings and will fly off into the ethers at any moment - it is thrilling!

If you're stuck in the cul-de-sac and feel like you can't take another groundhog day, then you're ready to be a kid again!  Make a list of the things you used to like to do when you were little, yes, little.  Climb trees - well, be careful with that one!  But really get back in touch with what used to make you stay out of the house until way after dark.  How did you amuse yourself?  What made you laugh?  What gave you energy?  Those are the things you need to get back to, no matter how silly they may seem.  Maybe you're in the cul-de-sac because you stopped being silly!  You can begin again to live with wonder, excitement, health and joy.  You simply have to decide to do it, no matter what anyone may think of you.  This is your life, and only you can choose what will bring back the creative fire that fuels your world.

You don't have to be stuck anymore.  That happy fairy-self has been tapping on your shoulder for a long time.  Isn't it time to listen?  Now get out there and chase some fireflies!




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