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We are all so stressed; so busy; so short of time; and yet with such a full life, do you ever feel that 'something's missing'?



This month's Voicegram is about 'getting small again' - being able to see the tiny wonders in everyday life.  It's about having a fresh perspective, whether you're a singer, car salesman, or poet.

This month I'm talking about wonderment.


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Living In The Land of Wonderment
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Beth Lawrence

Living In The Land of Wonderment!
Copyright 2012, Beth Lawrence 

All of us were born with a sparkling, clean slate.  Once we survived the trauma of birth, we began the journey of discovery - 'wow -wiggly toes!'  'whoooheee - a powerful voice that can create a cacophony of sounds!'  'Squeeky toys that delight me for hours!'  Everything around us was fresh, new, and exhilarating!

As children we are in a perpetual state of wonderment.  This magical state is often referred to by Artists, who have maintained that fanciful ability to perceive reality beyond the veil of the mundane.  We all had this ability before the stresses and strains of 'life' caused us to see things 'as they really were'.  As adulthood encroached on our dreamy imaginings, we slowly moved away from the singing, dancing and laughing, and toward the responsible, the serious, the practical.  The door of our imagination slowly closed, much like the soft cranial bones of the baby's skull - the stone was rolled in front of our carefree cave of playfulness, sealing it away from our busy, stressed-out, adult awareness.

But, there seems to be a new awakening afoot!  Metaphorically speaking, we are re-discovering our wiggly toes!  We increasingly feel that a voice buried deep in our consciousness is screaming to sing again!  We are beginning to remember all those 'squeaky toys' that were sealed away in the toy box.  Finally, after years and decades, our new 'squeekies' - things like a class in salsa dancing; a bird-watching expedition; making a model plane, or taking up golf -  begin to catch our attention.  And we find that we are experiencing something that has been but a vague memory -- we are having FUN!

If you're a performing artist you've got to sing each song like it was the first time you've sung it!  Let your voice take some liberties with the melodic line - find new emotional emphasis in your lyric.  Are you a songwriter stuck in the A-B-A -B song structure?  Throw it away and write freeform!  Poets - be a Beatnik again!  There are so many ways to reinvent what you're doing right now so that your world is populated with 'ooooohs' and 'aaahhhhs' rather than  'boooohooos' and blaaahhhs'!

Don't be overwhelmed at the thought of infusing your current situation with new life.  The return of that childlike zest can come slowly - it's okay, just as long as you open to it!  Wonderment can begin in the smallest of places.  Look at a pot of pansies.  Study them closely and you will see that each tiny flower is slightly different from the next!  What a miracle!  What about noticing how the light dances through the leaves of the Aspen tree outside your window?  Yes, you have permission to let your mind 'wander' as you are entranced by the dance of the leaves.  Daydreaming is conducive to a mind open to wonderment.  In fact it's the portal that allows you to slip away from your humdrum, work-a-day world and roll away that rock that's been hiding your cave full of hidden 'squeekies'! 

Wonderment can be found in the thinnest of moments, when you are open to seeing something anew - as if for the first time.  Seeing the Northern Lights are big - seeing the bejeweled, turquoise glint of a Dragonfly's wing is tiny; is fleeting; but that's where a real sense of wonderment can begin - in the tiniest of wonders - something akin to the astonishment of wiggling toes and crescendoing gurgles!

Be the clean slate.  Go find your new squeaky toys; your 'oooohhhs' and 'ahhhhhs'; sing like it's your first song; write like a Beatnik; and spend more time living in the Land of Wonderment! 



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Get Natural Inspiration!
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