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Dear WADA Community,

As we pen the final Digest for 2023, we would like to express our gratitude for the collective journey we've shared this year. Our appreciation extends to the artists, donors, supporters, and volunteers whose unwavering dedication has been integral to WADA's numerous successes.


In the spirit of celebration, we are excited to share details about two significant events marking the conclusion of this remarkable year. On Friday, December 1st, immerse yourself in the Helios Jazz Orchestra featuring Fred Johnson, preceded by a roundtable discussion on food insecurity in South St Pete—an opportunity to deepen our understanding and commitment to addressing this critical issue.


Speaking of ‘food’: At the ArtsXchange, the Foodie Labs is now open for business offering a variety of cuisines.


Save the date for December 9th, when WADA collaborates with Mt. Zion to bring a one-of-a-kind holiday village to life during the final ArtWalk of the year. The Star Trolley will shuttle guests between locations, ensuring they don't miss any of the festive magic. Secure your spot on the trolley early by signing up—a night of community, art, and joy awaits!


Also opening on December 9th in Tully Levine Gallery is "Six String SongScapes," a must-see, multi-media show curated by artist Ali Hasbach of Truefire. This promises to be a captivating experience for all art enthusiasts, so mark your calendars and join us in celebrating the diverse talents that illuminate our community.

With gratitude and anticipation,

Markus Gottschlich

Executive Director

Concert Series Jazz and Politics: Harmony & Discourse

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View our panelist members for the roundtable discussion.

Second Saturday Art Walk

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Holiday Village - Member Social

For access to the Trolley Service between WADA and Mt. Zion, register below by December 7th.

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Exhibition in Tully-Levine Gallery

Six-String SongScapes

A group exhibition by TrueFire

Opening Night, December 9th, from 5 to 9

Exhibition through December 31, 2023

Six-String SongScapes is a modern interactive exhibition celebrating art and music. The interactive presentation explores how we see, hear and experience music and how the aural quality is firmly rooted in the visual. With modern abstract photography by Ali Hasbach from TrueFire and magical music performances by international artists Mike Dawes, Vicki Genfan, Tony McManus, Doug Munro and Massimo Varini, this exhibition showcases the thread between visual art and music that inevitably surrounds us. 

End of Year Member Survey

We kindly request your valuable input in our end-of-year member survey. Your feedback plays a crucial role in propelling our organization's growth, and we are committed to enhancing your experience. Help us provide you with the best possible service by sharing your thoughts.

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Burka Member Lounge - Member Show

November – January

Show Title: A Perfect Gift - Art under $300

Local, Original, Unique, and Affordable!

The perfect place to buy a holiday present is from “A Perfect Gift”. Come look and buy from this retail art show in the Member Lounge from November to January. We are promoting local art as the perfect holiday gift. Skip the mall and give that special someone art that was made right here in St Petersburg.

Donald Silvestri

Grandma’s Cookie Jar




Lorna Conley

Greenie in a Bottle




Juan Santos Garranton

Moving Pelican on the Water

Watercolor and India Ink



Remember, the WADA member shows can be seen in our virtual gallery.

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WADA Welcomes Three New Business Level Members

Arts Conservatory for Teens

ACT was created to serve under-served, at-risk students and communities. While that is still at the root of what we do, and will always be a focus, we have now grown and extended our reach to serving various communities and students, including our intent to be inclusive and provide equitable access to high level arts education for all students. Building self-esteem, confidence, and connections with peers and mentors are all pivotal in building strengths of our youth and also the future of our communities. Founded in 2012, with headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida, ACT offers world-class training and performance opportunities in Music, Theater, Dance, Film, Art, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship.

More Info on ACT

Take MAR – More Action for Regeneration


Take MAR is a local non-profit organization working to regenerate our environment and communities by supporting the enhancement of all life, promoting natural heritage, and facilitating a connection with our natural world. Take MAR, in conjunction with the city is beautifying the Pinellas Trail with a native tree planting project. 

More Info on Take MAR

Embracing Our Differences


Embracing Our Differences is a nonprofit organization based in Southwest Florida, that uses the power of art and education to expand consciousness and open the heart to celebrate the diversity of the human family. It accomplishes this through an annual, large-scale, juried art exhibition and a comprehensive series of educational initiatives, programs and resources designed for teachers and students.

More Info on Embracing Our Differences

Artist Profile

Takeya Trayer

Instagram: Takeyart

Takeya Trayer's Website

1. Can you tell us about your artistic journey and how you got to where you are today?

What is the past, present and future tense of creativity? It is a passion that knows no limits of time. The expression of imagination is free at the earliest ages of life, and it is my passion to uncover the various languages that lay dormant within my brain and soul. 

Inspired by the many joys, traumas, and evolutions of life, I aim to find languages that communicate to multiple audiences. 

I loved to draw and write poetry in elementary and that continued on throughout my life. In high school, I took a special interest in animation and digital storytelling and that led me to further my education. I’ve earned a Bachelor of Fine Art from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia where I was on the Women’s Basketball Team. I acquired an associate degree in computer animation from the Art Institute of Philadelphia. I also spent time at the Academy of Art in San Francisco taking 3D animation classes.

I am a parent of two incredibly artistic and curious children. As soon as they could sit up, I equipped them with pen and paper to see what would happen. The inspiration of watching their calculated freedom is forever ingrained in me. That experience also led me to write and self-publish my first book called “My Mommy Is My Daddy.” Not only was I a single parent but I was also checking off many boxes in minority categories. I illustrated the entire book with my non-dominant hand to replicate the style of drawing I observed from my children. I re-released the book after replacing the illustrations in color cut paper collage style edited digitally.   

I have received various grants throughout my career with the most recent being one from the St. Petersburg Art Alliance and one from Creative Pinellas in 2021. I have shared works of different mediums in Pennsylvania, California, in Florida as well as online. I am a member of the WADA gallery and have donated art to various organizations.  

Currently I am living and working in St. Petersburg, Florida. I am a studio teacher for preschoolers in a private school. Youth is full of joy, wonder, adaptability and making connections which quite often provides a catalyst for my path of creativity. Studio explores technology, music, movement, science, and visual arts. The director of our program is a puppeteer and encouraged me to take a paper puppet making class recently. That has inspired new work. I also serve as a DEI coordinator for my division, learning and leading opportunities of growth, empathy and belonging.   

2. Could you walk us through your creative process? What steps do you typically follow from concept to completion?

 I am a storyteller by nature but not so much with words. I enjoy processing words, but I think the best stories are told without. I believe true artistic talent involves paying attention to subtle details that elicit feelings. Communication with facial expressions or body positioning is a talent the best filmmakers have mastered. So when I am inspired by events, feelings or other artists I have to sit with what the impetus is. That experience has a certain texture of life and needs to be communicated with a medium that can retain the experience and nurture it for someone else. Many times, a vision or a fragment of a memory will form by experimenting with a material and when I have a strong feeling compelling me to return to the medium or story, I follow it. Often with the rhythm of life I must pause on something and come back to it. The hardest part of not being a full-time artist is finding a window of opportunity to get back into the headspace of certain projects. Literary projects and film projects are easier to come back to because they usually start with a written story. They involve sketching, character development, visual research and storyboards. Stop motion film requires the creation of a physical scene and characters to manipulate and take pictures. Frame by frame the animation slowly appears then video and sound editing makes the final product. Puppetry, which was an extension of me making characters for stop motion films, is still new. It's evolving from the experimentation of materials and then a story emerges. 

3. Your work often features collage, fashion and the underrepresented. What is the significance of these recurring themes in your art?

I think the history of these disciplines is very innovative and unique. Fashion and collage are both very abstract because they steal fragments of reality. By combining various art forms, artistic techniques, and environmental persuasion my work becomes layered metaphorically and literally. Puzzling together the present, the past and the future creates an onion. Most of the ideas for my work stem from personal experiences. It blooms from what I have seen or what I am hoping to see more of in the world. Topics like gender fluidity, LGBTQ parenting, children's rights, single moms, minority social stigmas, breast feeding, mental health and emotional triggers form an equation of probable artistic expression. 

My overall vision is to create work that stems from personal and professional mental reflection, work that can be widely distributed and reach audiences all over the world. By using film, technology, traditional and interactive literature, I can obtain that goal. Those that feel represented in my work will enjoy the mirrors and making connections. Others may find a window or maybe those that are uncomfortable may be curious enough to ask questions. I believe innovative thinking surprises the audience as well as the creator.  

Overall, the combinations of mediums coerce the audience into telling stories, asking questions, or taking a journey to the unknown.  

4. What do you enjoy about being a WADA member?

I enjoy that WADA is so active within the community and the arts district! It's an affordable option for belonging to a local gallery with so many benefits and opportunities to sell work and show work. I enjoy feeling like a part of the community. 


5. If another artist talked to you about the benefits of being a WADA member, what would you say?

I would say the benefits are great. St. Petersburg loves art and WADA offers monthly tent space at the Second Saturday art show for its members. It enables you to get to know other artists by being invited to hear them speak. There are classes by fellow artists, films and other perks offered monthly to members. WADA is in a prime location for exposure and their selection of art is diverse.  

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