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January 22, 2021
Welcome to your weekly edition of the Coalition Connection!

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We will highlight important information in this section each week that requires your action or attention.  This week's highlights include:  
FreeForm Hiring for 3 New PositionsFreeForm

FreeFrom is a team of survivors, and we each bring our unique personal experiences to the work we do. We are a proudly queer, feminist, and people of color-led organization.

We are committed to the financial security of survivors by paying all staff living-wage salaries, offering financial coaching and a savings matching program, designing survivor-informed practices, and actively engaging staff in the development of new policies and best practices.

Open positions:
Our WorkOur_Work
Agenda & Time Update - Winter Membership Meeting Jan. 27-29Membership_Meet

The Winter Membership Meeting begins January 27 at
1:00 pm, continue January 28 from 9:00 am - 5:00 pm and conclude January 29 from 9:00 am - 12:30 pm.

Click here to registerPlease make sure each person who will be attending from your program completes a registration by January 18, 2021 as each registrant will receive a Membership Attendee Participation Fun Box in the mail before the meeting. 
Funds to Reduce Education, Employment, and Job Training Barriers for SurvivorsBarrier_Funds

With support from The Allstate Foundation, the WCADVSA has funds to support education, employment, and job training barriers for survivors. These funds can be used to help support survivors in obtaining G.E.D.s, job skills training, certifications, licenses, continuing education, education/job-related supplies such as uniforms, tools, and/or other equipment, transportation-related support, etc.  
If your program is offering training on the Allstate Moving Ahead Curriculum or other economic empowerment training, you may request funds to support and encourage survivor participation such as offering food and/or childcare during economic empowerment events and training or gas gift cards for survivors to get to the training).  
Member programs may also inquire about offering scholarships to help support survivor participation in job training programs.
We have approximately $7,547remaining. Remaining funds will be pledged on a first come first serve basis. To request funds, please submit an  Allstate Barrier Reduction Request Form. Once your request has been approved, your program will pay expenses upfront and then you can request reimbursement by submitting an  Allstate Barrier Reduction Reimbursement Form.
If you have any questions, please connect with Trish Worley
Monthly Program Call - February 2Program_Call

During the early days of COVID, we were gathering daily to share issues and concerns effecting the operation of your programs and impact on your clients.

As the months rolled on, we decreased calls to weekly, then bi-weekly.  As we begin the new year, we will be holding monthly program calls to provide a space for sharing and support.  Calls will be at 1:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month.  The next call is scheduled for February 2.

As always, the Coalition staff is available anytime to answer questions or provide support to your program.
Monthly Policy Calls 2021 SchedulePolicy_Calls

Monthly Policy Calls have begun again. Here is the schedule and links. The WCADVSA website will be updated shortly to ensure you can find all things related to the 2021 General Session.

Feb. 12     12:00 - 1:00 pm:  Click here
March 12  12:00 - 1:00 pm:  Click here

If you have any questions or suggested topics, please contact Tara
Policy UpdatesPolicy_Updates
National Policy Updates
2021 Federal Policy Recommendations FreeForm_Recommendations

Last year, we asked survivors what they needed to stay safe during COVID-19 and beyond. We've used what we learned directly from 1300+ survivors to develop a set of comprehensive federal policy priorities that, when passed, will support survivors across the U.S. in building the financial security they need to stay safe during and after the pandemic.
We are very encouraged that the Biden / Harris Administration's Plan to End Violence Against Women includes some of our below proposals. FreeFrom is committed to doing the work necessary to ensure that the Administration makes good on these promises.

FreeFrom Policy Recommendations:
1) Provide survivors with tailored COVID-19 relief
2) Address economic abuse in VAWA
3) Protect survivors while they bank
4) Provide effective relief for coerced and fraudulent debt
5) Create paid and protected leave for survivors
6) Compensate survivors for the harm they've experienced
7) Support and protect survivors through the tax code
8)  Increase access to justice through the courts

Easy to Follow Federal Funding Update from National Network to End Domestic Violence NNEDV_Update

Tara Muir sent out some direct email updates before the Christmas Holiday. Below is a summary. On a recent national call to discuss the updates with NNEDV, she noted that the cuts in VOCA may or may not impact individual states right away, and we know our AG's DVS is one year ahead of the VOCA funding and can plan on how to handle different cuts. With a new presidential administration in office as well, things could get adjusted.

NNEDV Summary
As we were unfortunately expecting, the VOCA fix is NOT included in the end of year COVID/FY21 package. We are, of course, incredibly disappointed and very concerned. Your amazing advocacy, over this last year and especially in the last few weeks, helped to elevate the issue and inch us closer to the final. We heard that some Members of Congress were getting multiple calls per minute on VOCA! You fought so hard and we are beyond appreciative.
In slightly better news, the FY21 VOCA number is $2.105 billion. While this is a cut from FY20 ($2.65 billion), it is higher than the Senate proposal ($1.5 billion), which would have been a very significant cut. 
We need the VOCA fix to ensure the stability of the fund over the long term. We will be ready to hit the ground running on this issue as soon as Congress is back in the new year. Please thank all of your advocates who called/tweeted/emailed - it really does mean that we are in a better position to secure the long-term fix in the new year.

Click here to read more.
State Policy Updates
Wyoming Legislature Update Legislature_COVID

The Legislature will reconvene on January 27th via Zoom for eight days to consider the worked committee bills. Those on our radar are below with their estimated hearing days. Links are provided below to find out more. You can find the list of all the committees, meeting times, agendas and bills here . If you have any questions at all on how to tune in or about the bills themselves, please connect with Tara Muir, our public policy director at her cell phone:  402-871-4979.
These bills have already dropped and are of interest:

1. Animal Cruelty - see the national Animal Legal Defense League Fund webpage on bestiality Not surprisingly, limited research - such as a 2002 study - places these crimes in the context of what experts in animal abuse and criminal justice refer to as "The Link" i.e. the well-documented connection between violence to animals and violence to humans:
HB 46 - Crime of Bestiality
SF 24 - Bond of impounded animals
SF 25 - Animal impound proceedings - bond and disposition
SF 26 - Animal abuse statutes reorganization and update
2. Essential Health Product Dignity Act - SF0027 - a tax exemption for feminine hygiene products and diapers!
Sexually Assaulting an Animal is Not A Crime in Wyoming Beastiality

Wyoming is one of eight states that does not prohibit the sexual assault of an animal by a human. Most people are shocked this is not a crime here yet, while some people wondered if this is really what we should be discussing in a year of budget crisis and pandemic.
Preventing violence and the resulting trauma to the most vulnerable in our state, including animals, is critical in order to save money down the road in social services and the prison system when we don't see the abuse as a red flag to more abuse, and future harm to animals and humans.
While a small group of the Wyoming Coalition for Animal Protection (WYCAP) members and allies discussed with our public policy director, Tara Muir, whether a new crime such as this was something that would be relatively easy to pass in the 2021 session, it was only in light of the Joint Agricultural Committee who was reorganizing all the animal cruelty statutes.

Call for Survivors:  Please contact Tara Muir as soon as possible to let her know your thoughts, any concerns or questions, and importantly if there is a survivor who would be willing to talk with Tara about what has happened in Wyoming.

Call for WYCAP Board Members:  
If anyone is interested in assisting their community and the statewide efforts to improve the lives of animals, WYCAP is looking for new board members. Contact Sylvia Badgonas 307-703-8434 if interested.
Monthly Policy CallsPolicy_Calls

Monthly Policy Calls have begun again. Here is the schedule and links. The WCADVSA website will be updated shortly to ensure you can find all things related to the 2021 General Session.

Feb. 12     12:00 - 1:00 pm:  Click here
March 12  12:00 - 1:00 pm:  Click here

If you have any questions or suggested topics, please contact Tara
Training and EventsTrainings
Wyoming Webinars, Training, and Events
Advocacy and Prevention Connection January 27   Advocacy_and_Prevention
Coalition staff will be holding connection space for DVSA program advocates every other Wednesday from 2:00 - 3:00 pm. Meetings will alternate between those in which we'll gather around a set topic, and meetings in which we will share open space for free discussion.

We continue to hear from DVSA program advocates that they appreciate the connection with other advocates and would love for more to join! Please keep sharing this opportunity within your program to help support the needs of advocates.

The next virtual connect call will be: Wednesday, January 27 from 2:00 - 3:00 pm
Topic: Violence Prevention Education Among Children and Youth
To join through Zoom, Click here!  
Please Note: this Zoom link has changed in the New Year, and is the same one in your NEW calendar invites sent by Susie

You can use your computer audio or join by phone -dial 1-69-900-6833 and enter passcode 760 120 7629

Please contact Tiffany, Susie, Trish, or Jody for more information.
National Webinars, Training, and EventsNational_Trainings
PreventConnect January Web ConferencesPreventConnect

PreventConnect is excited to offered several web conferences in January 2021, including a web conference with live Spanish interpretation. Read more and register below.

Enhancing the Safety of Individuals Impacted by StalkingStalking_Safety

The Idaho Coalition Against Sexual & Domestic Violence invites you to join a FREE webinar with Jennifer Landhuis, Director of Stalking Prevention Awareness, & Resource Center on January 26 from 1:00 - 2:30 pm.

Stalking is prevalent, dangerous, and often misunderstood. This webinar explores strategies to assess risk and promote victim safety, focusing on the diverse tactics stalkers may utilize. We will also discuss the intersection of stalking with domestic violence and sexual assault, documentation strategies, and safety options for individuals experiencing stalking.

By the end of the webinar, participants will be better able to:
  • Identify stalking behaviors and dynamics
  • Recognize the intersection of stalking with other domestic violence and sexual assault
  • Apply strategies for working with individuals impacted by stalking
Click here for more information and to register.
Advancing Your Community's ACEs & Resilience StrategyAces_Webinar

This webinar on January 26 at 1:00 pm will feature two case studies of coalitions that participated in last year's "pre-launch" of the ACEs & Resilience Resource Commons for Communities (ARRCC).  You'll get to see (and gain access to) the wiki-based resource commons and the robust strategy map template that we created over the past year. 

The Population Health Learning Collaborative is just getting started with these high-impact tools.  This webinar will also introduce you to the upcoming group coaching program that will build on the work of the last program to help accelerate the progress of other coalitions working on some aspect of minimizing and addressing ACEs.   

Praxis International "Supporting Advocate Wellbeing" Virtual Gathering Praxis

2020 was a year of disruption and difficulty for so many, drastically changing how we all live and work. We know that the months ahead will continue to bring hardship for many. As we move into 2021, the challenges and pressures, especially for those from marginalized communities, is immense. 
During past Virtual Gatherings, you have affirmed that connecting as advocates is more important than ever. We all benefit from coming together in solidarity and support.  
Please join us again on February 2 at 1:00 pm for a time of respite, a time to nourish ourselves and recharge for what lays ahead. You deserve time for yourself. 

Click here to view a variety of upcoming webinars, national training, and conferences.
Resource CenterResource
Black Women's Blueprint Blackk_Women_Blueprint          

Decisions made in first 100 days of the new administration will set the tone for the next four years, and within this crucial time frame, we are intent on bringing our voices to the forefront. Our perspectives, experiences, critiques, and visions matter, and this is why we have partnered with the National Organization for Women (NOW) to create a space where our intersectional and radical feminism can live in action. 

We are co-hosting a free listening and discussion series on what we hope will be the priorities of a feminist agenda in the first 100 days of the Biden-Harris Administration. 
This series will include perspectives from community leaders, grassroots activists, state and local representatives, and national legislators.  The inaugural session is on Thursday, January 28 at 3:00 pm   - 323 Days of  COVID: The Lasting Impact on Women

National Resource Center for Reaching Victims NewsletterReaching_Victims

The National Resource Center for Reaching Victims monthly newsletter is our opportunity to spotlight victim service organizations and their work; share promising practices and resources; and, engage more organizations in training. This month we share a new comprehensive online toolkit to help you better support crime victims with disabilities.

Included in this issue:
The Representation Project Weekly Action Representation_Project          

 An Inauguration Celebration!   In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the release of the groundbreaking film Miss Representation - and the inauguration of Madam Vice President, The Representation Project hosted a film screening and panel discussion diving into women's representation-then and now. Our Executive Director Soraya Chemaly was joined by guests Errin Haines, Editor at Large,  The 19th, Carol Jenkins, President and CEO of the  ERA Coalition and the  Fund for Women’s Equality, and Devanshi Patel, featured in Miss Representation, for an engaging discussion on gender in leadership, the role of women of color in politics, and much more.

Media We Like History was made when Kamala Harris was sworn in as the Vice President of the United States. She is the first woman and the first Black and Asian American to hold the position. Shattering the second highest glass ceiling in America is no easy task, but in a recent interview with Jane Pauley for CBS, we got to see just how Vice President Harris's fighting spirit got her where she is. "I mentor a lot of people, and I tell them: 'There will be people who say it's not your turn, it's not your time, no one like you has done it," she tells Pauley. "And then I will go, 'And don't you listen.' And then I will go on to tell them, 'I eat no for breakfast.'"

By The Numbers  2 in 5 childcare providers say they're covering business expenses by using personal savings and credit cards.  Economists say that affordable childcare is essential for economic recovery,  But the underfunded feminized sector is struggling to get the support it needs.
In Case You Missed It:
Taskforce Releases Data On Missing And Murdered Indigenous People In WyomingTaskforce
Melodie Edwards ~ Wyoming Public Media 

Gov. Mark Gordon's Taskforce on Missing and Murdered Indigenous People has released a report on the severity of the problem in Wyoming. It found that Indigenous people make up 21% of homicides in the state even though only 3% of the population is Indigenous.

But Wyoming Survey and Analysis Research Scientist Emily Grant said these numbers could be underestimates. For instance, murder rates could be off because coroners misclassify victims.

"A lot of times, it's not necessarily checked with people from the community, a family member or something like that," Grant said. "So it's really likely that they could be miscategorized as Latino, White. And then you know, that if it's the wrong race on there, it doesn't show up."

Grant said, this is why law enforcement needs more training, and families need assigned advocates to guide them through the complex web of legal jurisdictions.

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