New Week, Shorter Window
The Winter Pick Up is open again for orders which will be available for pick up on February 3 in the parking lot of Quarterpath Recreation Center. Based on vendor feedback, we've reduced the pick up window from 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm.

Here's how it works:
Order until midnight Sunday. You will select a time window for pick up on Wednesday prior to paying. You can pay by credit card or by SNAP/EBT.

Arrive at Quarterpath Rec Center Parking Lot (past the park) and open your trunk. It will be helpful if you have a piece of paper with your name on it to hold up on your driver-side window. A friendly market team member will greet you. They will give you a receipt so you know which vendors to stop at. They will also place a clipboard with a receipt on it into your trunk.

When you drive up to a vendor, they will grab your order and place it in your trunk. They will put a checkmark beside the item on your receipt (in your trunk). You will continue until you reach the end of vendors.

Another market team member will check your receipt (in your trunk) to ensure you have all your items and do not need any refunds. You can then close your trunk.

To visit our online store, click here:

Thank you for your support! Stay healthy!
Pick up muffins, scones, pasta and more! All your market favorites baked just for you.
Chef Joseph's Kick Sauce
Have you tried the ginger lime drink? It totes health benefits as well as a sour spicy flavor.
Chocolate Cravings
You can taste all the expertise that goes into these chocolates with every single bite! I haven't found one that I don't love, and I think I've tried them all!
Ditchley Cider Works
Apple cider donuts, pork, chicken, hard cider and so much more!
Free Range Juice
Check out their new salad dressings!
Reishi is immune boosting, cancer preventing and promotes heart health. It's what we should all be drinking every day during this pandemic. All reishi mushrooms are grown in house right in Goochland.
Hampton Roads Winery
Surry Steaks
You choose, wine or beef. Or both?
Ninja Kombucha
4 packs of kombucha make everyone happy!
Norma's Produce
Penn Farm
Freshly harvested produce!
Rockahock Farm
Nell is busy every week baked and cooking just for you. If you haven't, yet you should try her gouda grits. Her quiche is great too. They are my favorite!
State Fair Kettle Corn
Pick up muffins, scones, pasta and more! All your market favorites baked just for you.
Tasha's Own
Elderberry Syrup is back on the store! Stock up while it's available!
Virginia Bread Company
Bagels are just what you need to add to your cart this week! Just the right amount of chewy, it'll make for a delicious breakfast.
Williamsburg Farmers Market | 202 Quarterpath Rd. Williamsburg, VA 23185 | 757-259-3768