Volume 2 | January 2020
Greetings from the President

Welcome to January!
This is the time of year that we all look forward to – new year, new decade and renewed opportunity to make resolutions and reaffirm our vision. What a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the path we chartered for 2019 and think about what we want to accomplish and/or change for 2020.
Whichever path you are taking, please know that it is a path of growth for you – and the WICT Greater Ohio Board of Directors and members are cheering you on!
I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support of our chapter and want to reiterate that we too are here for you throughout our shared personal and professional journey. We are all in this together!

From the Mentorship Program to the Year End Event – we have shared in some wonderful moments together!
This will be my last newsletter address as President of the Greater Ohio Chapter but I want you to know that you are in good hands with your new President – Jeanette Richardson
Aside from having a loveable personality, Jeanette is a vibrant and passionate leader with a storied history within the Greater Ohio footprint. Jeanette, as many of you know, has been a champion and avid contributor of the WICT Greater Ohio Chapter for the last 15+ years. Jeanette most recently served as the WICT GO Vice-President for the last two years and is ready at the gate to share her ideas, inspiration and energy with all of you. I am so excited to share in her enthusiasm and ideas with all of you!
I know you all had a great end to 2019 and are forging an epic beginning to 2020! As Immediate Past-President, I will continue to be fully engaged in chapter developments, growth, events and planning.
The next update you all will receive will be the invite for our annual virtual Town Hall Event which will provide you with a footprint for what is in store for the 2020 Programming calendar. From there we will be off and running with the content and programming you have come to be accustomed to for WICT GO!
I wish you all much continued success and prosperity for 2020 and I cannot wait to be a part of our continued growth and development.
It has been my distinct pleasure to serve as your President for the WICT Greater Ohio Chapter and I am thankful for all of the friendships I have made during my tenure.
Wishing you continued success in 2020!
Kind regards and Happy New Year!
Stephanie Shawler
2018-2019 WICT Greater Ohio Chapter President
Get to know your WICT GO Board Members
Toya Miller -
Credit Services Specialist, WICT GO Membership Chair

Describe your role & what you love about it.

I serve in the role of membership chairperson for WICT Greater Ohio. I primarily keep track of membership and try to find creative ways to boost our membership for the chapter.

How many other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

I have had a few woman that have inspired me and help me grow in my career. I really appreciate my Director because she use to push me to understand the ins and outs of my job instead of just doing what I was told to do. That push even though it was hard at the time is what helped me grow into the knowledgeable woman I am today in my career here at Spectrum. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I have multiple degrees and that I actually started out in Architecture instead of Accounting.

Why do you think WICT is important?

I think WICT is important because women need an avenue to network and gain perspectives from other women in the industry.

What do you hope to see the WICT GO chapter accomplish this year?

I would like to see WICT GO membership double over the next year. I also would like to see more events to get people engaged in what WICT is all about and interact with all of these wonderful women in the organization.
Zakiya Black -
Customer Service Manager, WICT GO Vice President

Describe your role & what you love about it.

I am a Customer Service Manager for Billing, where I strive to set the tone for a customer-focused, supportive, thriving and thoughtful environment.

I love the fast paced environment, it’s always a whirlwind of activity every day which keeps me on my toes. I also have the ability to make an impact early on with so many careers by developing plans and helping them realize their potential. 

How many other women inspired you or helped shape your career?

I have been very fortunate in my career to have worked for and with some very remarkable women leaders. It is true that if you see someone like you, doing it then you believe that you can do it too.

Two other young women that inspire me daily are my daughters. I am inspired by the voice and opinion they have and are not afraid to use it. It took me years to find my voice and they were born with there’s. They speak up for their self and others even when no one else will. 

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I completed a half marathon last year and I am training for a full marathon in April 2020. 

Why do you think WICT is important?

 I think WICT is important because of the direct impact it has to inspire and develop women leaders. Members get to meet, network and learn from women leaders whom they may not have known, had it not been for WICT. 

What do you hope to see the WICT GO chapter accomplish this year?

I hope that WICT GO recruits more members, from a various locations, who are excited to connect and grow. One of my personal goals, is to have WICT introduced to new hires during their onboarding process. 
The Time Has Come...
WICT Membership Enrollment is Open!!!

 We are pleased to announce that you can now join or renew your WICT membership.

Being a member of WICT gives you access to global leadership development programs, networking opportunities with your peers and programming events that help you enhance your natural given skill sets!

THANK YOU to Charter Communications for sponsoring all memberships!

The deadline is March 31, 2020.
Don't let this opportunity pass by!

Have questions about membership?
WICT GO Save The Date

Look out for more news and information for some great events coming up in the next few months.
2020 WICT Greater Ohio Virtual Town Hall
February 2020
Virtual: 11:30 am - 12:30 pm
Call-In Information available upon registration
Women's History Month Celebration!
Celebration of Women in the Workplace 2020

Theme: Your Health and Financial Wealth
March 19, 2020
11:00 am - 12:30 pm
Location: TBD
Introducing the 2020
Unleashing Your Inner Poential Webinar Series
This year the Greater Ohio Chapter is partnering with the following chapters to bring you an enlightening webinar series focused on helping you to unleash your inner potential: Heartland Chapter, Southeast Chapter, New England Chapter, Greater Chicago Chapter, Midwest Chapter, Great Lakes Chapter, Washington, DC/Baltimore Chapter and Latin America Chapter

Call-In information available upon registration

Webinar #6: Leadership Skills
February 6, 2020

Webinar #7: Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
March 26, 2020

Webinar #8: Everything is Negotiable - Do It Skillfully!
May 7, 2020
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