15 Years Fiesta in Honduras

From the Desk of Sister Larraine

Happy 2023 -- the 15th year of Water Women! 

Celebrating the quinceanera, the 15th birthday of a young woman is a big part of Hispanic culture. It’s a wonderful time for a family to not only celebrate the emerging womanhood of their daughter, but also a moment to celebrate the strength of the family which now anticipates the potential for its next generation. A quinceanera is a shared rite of passage which not only celebrates the young woman herself, but the endurance of the family. Most of all, a “quince” is a time of giving thanks to the Creator for the gift of life, embodied in the beloved daughter.

On the surface, the quinceanera  mimics the introduction of an aristocratic young woman to society, implying a royal identity. I believe I will always remember the touching homemade video proudly shared by a young Mexican immigrant, sent to him by family back home in a tiny mountain village as they celebrated his little sister’s “quince”. Her beautiful gown, the serenading mariachi band, her handsome attending court, the solemn procession of blessing through cornfields; all gave the message  “this is our princess, and she holds the promise of our future”. 

This year, we are celebrating the quinceanera of the Water Woman in Honduras; 15 years since we first arrived at the concept of entrusting the solution for clean water into the hands of a mother; 15 years since the first ten Water Women were commissioned. Those first 10 Honduran Water Women now number well over 32,000 in Honduras alone, and over 158,000 across 48 countries! As a mission born from the wisdom of Hispanic peoples, it just makes sense to think of this as “our” quinceanera, in celebration of the role of Water Woman which conveys dignity, courage and leadership. And like any family celebrating a quince, this is a moment to pause and give thanks for all that has been, and all that will we.

On Saturday, February 2nd, I will be in Honduras to celebrate “our” quince with our Honduras team and 150 of our Water Women and their healthy children. We will be accompanied by some of our supporters (yes, there are some openings!) but we will also be live streaming and creating a celebratory documentary, thanks to a film crew provided by Sawyer Products. Water With Blessings is the first organization to build a program dedicated to the distribution of the amazing Sawyer PointONE filter, and it’s Sawyer that has really encouraged us to go big for this big moment!

More details will emerge in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, so you can...

Celebrate the Blessings with us!

Sister Larraine

2023 Resolved:


Thinking about that New Year’s Resolution? And remembering the challenge of keeping those good intentions in mind throughout the entire year?

We’ve solved your resolution dilemma! As a 2023 Resolved donor, you’ll be signing up to give clean water to thirsty children each and every month throughout 2023; automatically and at the financial level that works for you!

Check out the options at right to decide how you want your 2023 Resolved impact to be allocated.

You’ll receive a prayer card each month via email to give you the geo-location for where your funds were deployed. If you choose International Water Women, your card will include their name and photo.

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WorldWide Water Women: wherever children sicken and die of dirty water.

Choose from among our geographic focus areas for 2023:

$75 per month =12 Water Women per year = 48 families drinking clean water.

$37.50 per month = 6 Water Women per year = 24 families drinking clean water.

$25 per month = 4 Water Women per year = 16 families drinking clean water.

$18.75 per month = 3 Water Women per year = 12 families drinking clean water.

$12.50 per month = 2 Water Women per year = 8 families drinking clean water.

Clean Water Health for Appalachian Families:

Sawyer PointONE Filters + Rain Barrels!

Our Kentucky office location allows us to reduce distribution costs and add rain barrels for households that can’t trust their water sources to be free of mine runoff contaminants.

$75 per month =12 Appalachian families per year receiving a filter + rain barrel.

$37.50 per month = 6 families per year

$25 per month = 4 families per year

$18.75 per month = 3 families per year

$12.50 per month = 2 families per year

Clean Water Health for Navajo Families:

Sawyer PointONE Filters

$75 per month =12 Appalachian families per year receiving a filter + rain barrel.

$37.50 per month = 6 families per year

$25 per month = 4 families per year

$18.75 per month = 3 families per year

$12.50 per month = 2 families per year

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