Waking from the Trance of Ego
Saturday, March 13, 2021
1:00pm - 5:30 pm PST

"Looking directly at the ego, One sees the mirage for what it is." ~ Anasuya

How do you avoid the specific ways in which fear, anger, and desire appear? How does your trance of suffering arise in you? Each of us carries in our DNA a unique blueprint for survival, experiencing and perceiving ourselves and life through the lens of inherited beliefs, assumptions, and expectations. Who we THINK we are, the ego, crystalizes the instant we defend this false sense of self.

How do we wake up from our particular trance of ego? Only by looking directly at our strategies to protect and avoid can we realize they have no substance. This Satsang is not about fixing, changing, or creating a better more improved ego. It is an opportunity to unravel the order of your thinking that causes suffering, uprooting the very core of ego identity and coming Home to your True Self.



Registration Fee: $90

Please make checks payable to Bundananda Center for Silence

Mail to:
Anasuya Floan
7777 Bodega Ave. #G5
Sebastopol, CA 95473

Saturday, March 13, 2021
Meeting times: 1:00 - 2:30 pm and 4:00 - 5:30pm

Cancellation Policy: Registration fee is non-refundable.


"Opening to Yourself" Silent Retreat
APRIL 8 - 11, 2021
Via Live Video
Post Retreat Satsang Thursday, April 15, 2021
For more information and how to register, click HERE.


707-889-3510 ~ anasuyaji@gmail.com

Anasuya, born Linda Floan, is the Founder and CEO of Bundananda Center for Silence, a non-profit corporation that exists to support contemplative spiritual guidance, study and Self-inquiry.

After a sudden awakening to only Love is real, Anasuya began studying and teaching "A Course in Miracles" in 1980. "Love is free of all landing. There is no arriving, only deeper freedom." You can read more about Anasuya HERE. In pure joy, Anasuya offers a safe and healing environment  for  meeting in the Heart. Your willingness is the key that opens the door to true Freedom.

“In ever deepening gratitude,
my life is given in service to your awakening.” ~ Anasuya