Dear Friends,
Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service 2016
join us as we use theater improvisations  to find creative solutions to what appear to be impossible individual and global crisis.  In 2017 owe will study the teachings of Jesus, Walter Wink and other religious leaders who have taught non-violence and civil disobedience. Jesus' Third Way acknowledges the spiritual dimension that too often has been left out of the modern world.  Walter Wink, a brilliant biblical school, theologian and social  activist,  coined the term 'Jesus' Third Way,'  that never  advocated responding to violence with violence, or  lying down and being a victim, but sought a third creative way that we often find in community. Using ideas also of Augusto Boal and the "Theater of the Oppressed" we will explore theater improve to   find the Third Way. 
"To an oppressed people, Jesus is saying, Do not continue to acquiesce in your oppression by the Powers; but do not react violently to it either. Rather, find a third way, a way that is neither submission nor assault, flight nor fight, a way that can secure your human dignity and begin to change the power equation, even now, before the revolution."
"Turn your cheek, thus indicating to the one who backhands you that his attempts to shame you into servility have failed. Strip naked and parade out of court, thus taking the momentum of the law and the whole debt economy and flipping them, jujitsu-like, in a burlesque of legality. Walk a second mile, surprising the occupation troops by placing them in jeopardy with their superiors. In short, take the law and push it to the point of absurdity. These are, of course, not rules to be followed legalistically, but examples to spark an infinite variety of creative responses in new and changing circumstances."
Join us in the New Year of 2017 for prayer, scripture study and learning  the history and practices of non-violence, during worship, book study, Lectio Divina (scripture reflection) and special programs.   How can we respond to the  overwhelming environmental threats, corporate power, nuclear weapons, war, violence we are facing?  We  are called by God to become social activists. AND to pray.  Too often  we  experience  the brain washing and delusions into a pervasive world view of  materialism and power over relationships. Trump and the 1% are actually very few in numbers.  It is urgent we gather in religious community and commit to the work of raising of consciousness.  We have a spiritual crisis and we need spiritual teachings and practices. Church community is more urgently needed now more than ever before.  Church for Our Common Home will be celebrating Walter Wink and Jesus Third Way in 2017.  Join us for fun and  theater improv. We will learn how to take seemingly overwhelming personal and collective issues and get on our feet and act out creative solutions--TOGETHER!!!


Martin Luther King Day. Join our table Monday, January 16th 2017  Balboa Park Activity Center, 2145 Park Blvd, SD CA 92101  Rev. Dr. William J. Barber will keynote The 29th All Peoples Celebration.   Rev. Barber is a dynamic leader and electrifying speaker who is in the national spotlight for his work around civil rights with the North Carolina NAACP.Call Bonnie if you want to join our table. Tickets are $50. 

San Diego Women's March, Women's Rights are Human Rights, Saturday, January 21, 2017 10-12 pm San Diego Civic Center Plaza, 1200 Third Ave, SD 92101. Call Bonnie if you want to have breakfast down town and car pool. 
Open House Celebration, for the new Our Common Home Counseling Center, Saturday,   January 28, 2017, 1-5 pm 13014 Calle De Las Rosas, San Diego. Come celebrate our new beginning

Sanctuary Church Are you interested in helping us become a "Sanctuary Church" If so please join me for a conference call, January 24th Tuesday 3 pm

International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD)  yearly conference  will be in LA June 16-20th 2017 ,  to register. We will have a IASD San Diego luncheon during the conference.
IASD San Diego will begin monthly gatherings , the first Thursday of every month for a pot luck dinner at 5 pm,  (vegetarian soup or chili will always be provided) and you are welcome to stay for a dream group at 7 pm. We will meet February 2nd, and March 2, April 6th (Bonnie's birthday), May 4th, and summer months we will meet at the beach-stay tuned. Regular pot lucks will here, 13014 Calle De Las Rosas, SD CA 92129 Call for more info, (858) 248-5123.

Also: Weekly Lectio Divina   and Centering Prayer every Wednesday, 10-11 am.
Thursday weekly Dream Group  7-9 pm, in person or Skype 
Dream Group first and third Sunday of each month 3-5 pm

Please contact us, (858) 248-5123, and join us for regular worship services every Sunday at 5 pm at 13014 Calle de Las Rosas, SD, CA 92129 f ollowed by a soup pot luck, (soup will be provided) bonfire, star gazing and dancing-- weather permitting. A new kind of home/internet/radio blog church that does not  necessarily follow the "traditions" of the Christian church but celebrates the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  A safe place to share of ourselves, our feelings, our dreams, do art work, sing lively non church music, DANCE, enjoy bonfires and pot luck dinners.  A place where everyone is safe and welcome. 
Mission Statement 
Encouraging awe and loving intimacy with all of creation and the cosmos, we explore the visual and performing arts, dreams, wisdom teachings of Christ-Sophia in the Bible and newly found gnostic gospels, prayer, social activism, and relationships as we work to care for our common home Mother Earth, in a new kind of local and global community. Creating beloved community, we study the wisdom traditions and teachings of mysticism. Not following the "traditions" of the Christian church but the teachings of Jesus and Mary Magdalene we also honor  all the world's religious wisdom teachings. We are a home church with people around the world via the Internet, exploring a new religious story for our time. 
Our vision is to spiritually awaken and raise our consciousness about the sacred nature of all life and our inter-connectredness in order to come together as a human family and 
care  for our common home and love God/dess with all our hearts, souls and minds and creation as ourselves. 

O ur Common Home Counseling Center 
Honoring intimacy in all our relations,
integrating psychology, art,
spirituality, ecology
and the ancient wisdom traditions.
It is time to be innovative, create community and learn how to do inner work for personal and collective healing and transformation.
Hope is alive for every crisis offers an invitation for psycho-spiritual growth and our human family is undergoing a
spiritual awakening.
We will not find solutions to our individual or global crisis with the same means we used to create our crisis. Too often we "disable the fire alarm" in our psyches or souls and go into paralysis and unconsciousness. We are in a psycho-spiritual crisis as a human family with escalating global ecologic crisis. Our Common Home Counseling Center seeks to ask what really matters. 
Walt and Bonnie services include;
Short and long term psychotherapy, Group therapy, Dream work, Trauma and addictions, Pastoral Counsleing and care of religious wounding, Spiriutal Direction, Aging and Menopaus, Past Life Regression, Pre-marital counseling, Healing Rituals, Visual and performing arts therapies, 
Women's and eco-feminist issues, Energy Healing
Dogs are welcome at worship and our host dog Buddy,
 is very welcoming of other dogs!
Church for our Common Home | Minister Rev. Bonnie Tarwater | 
(858) 248-5123