M ay Your Hearts be Filled with Joy and Gratitude this Holiday Season
A s we reflect back on 2017,
we realize that there is so much to be thankful for.
Most especially, it s our honor to have served many wonderful individuals whose lives are full of potential waiting to be discovered.
We were able to do this because of your generous support
throughout the year.

W ith pride and gratitude we share with you
some of these accomplishments

  • 71 new Mothers and their healthy Babies were welcome into the world with the help o our Nurse family Partnership

  • 29 Students graduated high school and 3 Youths received GEDs

  • 3 Teens entered college

  • 5 Doctoral Interns graduated from the YCS Institute for Infant & Preschool Mental health

  • 15 Children found comfort and safety in YCS specialized foster homes and
  • 3 Teens were adopted by their foster parents

  • 375 Families received counseling at our Institute and H.M. Strauss Clinic

  • 78 Mothers and their Babies in the Essex County community and Renaissance House received Dyad therapy in the Baby Steps program to nurture parent/child healthy relationships.

  • 62 Youths found part time employment with the help of career counselling
  • 4 new permanent Sawtelle Homes opened across the state for young adults with complex I/DD challenges

  • The Parent Satisfaction Committee launched a parent advocate call-in
          program for families with children in Sawtelle Homes

  • The YCS Institute successfully initiated a work internship program with Nest Studio for 2 new mothers in our NFP. The program will continue in 2018.
Syreeta and Jean are house managers at 2 Sawtelle Homes. They share with us the accomplishments the young adults in these homes are experiencing for the first time in their lives

When Ariel was 21 he was accepted into the new Sawtelle Home in West Orange. His poor impulse control and inability to speak manifested itself in aggressive behavior that required one-to-one support at all times. Three years later - with a lot of patience, kindness and support from our BCBA Team, Ariel can now attend a day program, enjoy visits to his favorite restaurant, Burger King, with his family, go swimmining with his roommates and even volunteer at a local community food bank.

The yuoung women at our Sawtelle Home simply want to feel - in their own words- “normal.” Before finding a permanent home at YCS, the young women experienced years at psych institutions. At their new home their one simple wish is being fulfilled. They decorated their home for Christmas, baked holiday cakes and cookies, and took shopping trips to the mall. All the young women have library cards, are registered to vote and volunteer in their community.

When one resident came into the home she suffered from bouts of self-Injurious behaviors. Today she revels in being big sister to her roommates and is very protective of a new younger resident.

Thank you for giving these young adults a chance to not only reach their potential but exceed it. With your continued support we will strive to make their dreams come true.
We're bringing back a beautiful holiday memory
We hope you enjoy a medley of holiday tunes performed
by our elementary students in 2015.

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