In Case You Missed It: CASY & MSCCN at this years
Military Influencer Conference.
It was such an honor to be able to meet face to face with the people we work so diligently to help.
Early this month members of CASY & MSCCN's dedicated team got a chance to be a part of this years Military Influencer Conference in Washington, DC.

We were able to discuss military transition services, job placement assistance, and how we can help impact the military community through employment readiness.

The best part of the conference was being able to meet and interact in person with transitioning service members, veterans, and spouses. We are already looking forward to next years conference.

What does 'Military Spouse' mean, and how
can it help your career?
Leadership Skills

“Leadership” and “military” seem like synonymous terms, but I never really thought it would translate to “military spouse” as well. With everything the military lifestyle throws our way, just navigating our lives takes an enormous amount of skill. 

Those last-minute plans that change our trajectory show how adaptable we are. In fact, there’s a motto we live by that proves our adaptability and flexibility: “Semper Gumby.” Always be flexible! With this adaptability, spouses have to be decisive and come up with new plans on-the-fly. With deployments in our lives, and spouses running the household solely, military spouses are skilled with problem-solving and ingenuity. 
"Instead of feeling lost in my endeavor of obtaining gainful employment, I felt supported."  

Congratulations, Shannon!!
Moving to a duty station almost immediately after graduating from college left Shannon feeling like she lacked experience and confidence.

"It seemed as if I could not gain a foothold no matter where we went."

With the assistance of her Employment Specialist, Shannon was able to target her job search to her skills and credentials, polish her resume, and regain her confidence.

"The experience working with CASY & MSCCN is paramount. When the job search becomes daunting, it can be difficult to remain focused and confident in your own success. MSCCN provided not only helpful resources and assistance, but it restored faith in my abilities as a professional"

After dropping off an in person application packet, Shannon was called in for an interview, went in with full confidence and landed the position she currently holds.
Finding Time for Training Can be Tough, but
It Doesn't Have to Be.
We know that finding time in a busy schedule can be difficult. Our industry expert, Amy Rossi, and her team are here to help you through your job search, application, and interviewing process. Our training courses are all designed to help you succeed, no matter where you are in your search. Live or Pre-recorded On-Demand versions available to you with the click of a button!
Improve your Chances of Landing that New Job or Big Promotion with CASY & MSCCN Behind you!
Interview with Confidence and Land that Job!

Getting back into the job market after an absence? Hoping to make a career change? Looking for your first job? Turning natural worries and doubts into determination and enthusiasm are the keys to a successful interview. Our on-demand (24/7) course will help you understand yourself and the current job market, lending opportunities to master an interview and lock down that job!

Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to help you accomplish your dreams. Why Wait?

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